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  1. joao3208

    New Old Yamaha YD-9000

    Hello DW folks, I recently found a used 4 pc. Yamaha YD-9000 kit in a Real Wood finish. I saw this kit on sale online at a ridiculous price. I eyeballed it for a few weeks, and finally decided to call. According to the store the kit was a Made In Taiwan and "not pre-Recording Custom" but a...
  2. joao3208

    Help shipping a 24 inch kick

    Hello to all, I need help in a drum I'm buying from someone across the country. I am ready to pull the trigger on a 24 inch bass drum. The problem is, as you all guessed it,... shipping. The seller got a quote from a UPS store for around $175 plus the box and material... I think it is way...
  3. joao3208

    Yamaha Recording Standard GA series 24x14 kick

    Hi guys, I need some quick input on something I will be pulling of soon. I am about to purchase a black 24 inch Yamaha Recording standard GA series kick. How rare are these? How much would you pay for it? More importantly do these sound like its RC RA equivalent? I currently have RC shells and...
  4. joao3208

    Yamaha Recording Custom in cobalt blue / Deep Aqua

    Anyone know something about this particular color in the RC line back in the late 80's -early 90's? I have had a hard time digging info about this color. Also, anyone know how long did Yamaha make the Deep Aqua finish? I know it came after the YESS' introduction,... According to my catalogs they...
  5. joao3208

    Yamaha late 80's early 90's drum hardware

    Hello drummerforum, First time posting, stumbled with the forum a few months ago. I have found this forum informative with useful advice for anyone who looks for answers on drums. Anyway, I am Juan from So. Cal, a Yamaha drum fan currently building/collecting Yamaha drums and hardware. Here is...