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    Question on changing heads from EvansPrez

    Hi all, I would like to hear from you on two topics. 1. How often do you change your drumheads? What are the reasons you change them? 2. When you do make the decision that you need make a drumhead purchase, how many do you buy at a single visit to the store or when you order online and...
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    Message from EvansPrez

    Hello All, Rick Drumm here. I am the president of D'Addario & Co. which owns and manufactures Evans Drumheads and Pro-Mark drumsticks. I've been on and off the Drummerworld forum for about 18 months and would like to hear from you and talk about heads and sticks. I am a drummer and through my...
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    Had some fun last week playing at the Peaks Jazz Festival outside of Salt Lake City last week. Rick Drumm President Evans Drumheads