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    Good Metal Ride

    Im in the neighborhood for a new ride and i have three in mind, the sabian hh powerbell, meinl soundcaster mega bell, and zildjian z3 megabell. I play a lot of metal, some hard rock , and some softer stuff and i was just wanting people to tell me their experiences. Thanks
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    At the moment i have a chad smith sig snare 5x14. i was thinking of getting a 6.5x14 tama metalworks, would the extra depth make that big of a change, or should i keep the pearl for now? p.s. I play metal. Is the metalworks a good snare? thanks
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    Mike Wengren Drumsticks

    Mike Wengren Drumsticks 4 for 22.49 at gc. Has anyone used these, and how durable are these? thanks
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    Coated Ambassador vs. Clear Pinstripe

    i like to play rock, hard rock and some metal. i just wanted to really know which head is better suited to my play( sound wise)? alot of people tell me that heads with inner rings like ec2s and pinstripes give a better more controlled sound. i not ready to go buy them without some input from you...
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    evans e rings

    wondered if anyone used these and if its worth the money? thanks
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    Sweet quadruple bass pedaling

    thought this was pretty crazy, takes a lot of control. wasnt the best sound i ever heard but was unique.
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    I looking to buy a metronome. I found a Boss DR BEAT 88 for $15. I know that they are discontinued but would this be worth my money?thanks
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    DW4000 Double Bass drum Pedal

    i saw these pedals for $70 bucks and was wondering if these would be good starter pedals for the price. I know they sell for 180ish new but i was wondering if the price justifies the means? thanks
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    Vex double bass drum pedals

    I was looking at these pedals and thought thay might be a good first set. Anyone have azn expierience with these pedals?