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  1. Sirraf

    Daily Practice Regiment Critique

    I wanted to post what I have being doing as far as a practice regiment. I usually practice 5 days a week. I sometimes practice for 30-45 minutes, other times I break it up into 2 segments about 10-15 minutes a piece. Regiment: Warm Up: 3-5 minutes. Just hit around on the kit and loosen...
  2. Sirraf

    Callus/Blister on Right Index Finger

    I play 100% match grip, and I feel that I have decent form with the sticks. I have a callus that has started to develop a slight blister on the outside of my right index finger near the middle knuckle. That is the only spot on my hands. Am I holding the stick too loose or is this normal in...
  3. Sirraf

    Dark Cymbals for Heavier Rock?

    If I am playing in a heavier rock genre and covering songs from Breaking Benjamin, Seether, etc., would it more beneficial to use a darker cymbal set? If so, how dark would be an optimal range? I am not gigging yet, but maybe a year or so down the road. I have searched through old threads...
  4. Sirraf

    Preparing Spare Room for Acoustics

    I have 2 spare rooms in the house that are not being used. One is where I have my kit currently. The room is about 13'x16' shag carpeted. Walls are bland so I am gonna throw some nice dark blue paint on it. I have one single window that I am planning on putting some sound dampening curtains...
  5. Sirraf

    Cool Bosphorous Video: Handmaking Antique Series
  6. Sirraf

    Any Hard Rock/Metalcore Fans?

    Are some of you guys into the heavier style of rock such as mild as Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Seether, to Periphery, Bring Me the Horizon, I Prevail, etc? Curious to the various tastes on the forum.
  7. Sirraf

    Received the Mapex "Wraith" Pics

    This thing is LOUD. I just unboxed it about 15 minutes ago and wanted to post it here. I noticed there isn't much info on the web about this snare with the exception of a few videos. Here is some snare porn
  8. Sirraf

    Getting Destroyed by Linear Beats

    I have been practicing linear beats, and I can never seem to get them down consistently. This is by far the hardest thing for me so far that I have been drumming. Has anyone else struggled with linear beats For example KRRK LRRL -italicized is accented.
  9. Sirraf

    Any Mapex Wraith Owners Here?

    I scooped up a Mapex Wraith today. I am a fan of the dry sound this snare has for a metal drum. Waiting for it to get here sometime next week. Anyone else have this snare?
  10. Sirraf

    Will The Off Hand Always Be Slower?

    For those of you that have years of experience, is your off-hand still significantly slower than your dominant, or has it been brought along enough to not notice a difference? I have been practicing with my left, but when I play with the right and switch to left, it feels like the left hand...
  11. Sirraf

    I Have Found My Next Kit

    After doing research for the better part of a month, I think I have landed on a solid kit, the Mapex Saturn Exotic Maple/Walnut. I have been hearing very positive reviews for the Mapex Saturns, and I think I will give them a shot. I fell in love with teh Deep Water Blue finish on the shells...
  12. Sirraf

    Played K Dark HH for First Time

    I went to a great drum shop in Nashville today and finally go to play some awesome cymbals. I thought I was dead set on A custom mastersounds, but after playing the K custom dark hats beside the A customs, the K's were so awesome. The A's were a bit louder, but the K's just seemed so clean...
  13. Sirraf

    Issues With Tom Positioning

    Hey guys, I am having issues with getting my rack toms in a good position to do any sort of fill. I am a newb and have only been playing for a few weeks. I have a used Pearl Export 5 piece kit. The only way I can get the toms in a semi usable position is if I put them both at nearly a 45*...
  14. Sirraf

    Worth Buying Cymbals as a Beginner?

    I have a set of B8 cymbals with 1 B8 pro for my ride. I just started a few days ago, so is it worth looking to upgrade to something like an XS20 or XSR? I thought that I shouldn't worry about cymbals for a while since I can barely make sense of a beat, but I figured I would ask you guys. Thanks!
  15. Sirraf

    Newbie Checking In

    Greetings. Glad I found this forum! I just bought my first drum set, a 5 piece alpine green Pearl Export kit with B8 crash, B8 pro, and B8 hi hat and Evans heads for $425 used. I am as green as the grass, but excited to get started. I've hired a drum instructor in Nashville, TN in hopes to get...