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    Need photo of Radio King snare shell inside

    I have a request for Slingerland owners. Can you please post couple of photos of the inside of the shell of the Radio King snare (preferably from the 40s or 50s era Single Ply professional Radio King and not the student models). I would specifically appreciate a few photos of the badge grommet...
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    Slingerland Radio King question

    Hello friends - Identifying radio king snare drum is comparatively easy however am having problem with authenticating radio king drum sets. I read that the Toms will never have badges and they are 3 plies (am talking about early 50s). However can you confirm if the metal Hoops on the Toms are...
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    Fiber Glass shell or Acrylic shell

    Hello everyone - Can you tell me the difference between Acrylic shells versus Fiber glass shells ? Or are they synonymously with respect to drum construction ? Also what is the difference in sound. The context is that I was looking into older Fibes drums and saw both material used to describe...
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    Ludwig Leedy Nite Club drums

    i searched the net but could not find any good review for the 50s nite club drum set from Ludwig and Leedy. Does anybody know whats the value in the parameters of sound quality and collectibility ? Here is the catalog page...
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    Rogers dynasonic snare drum

    Hello - Will you provide some pointers if there is a difference in sound or construction quality between a Big R badge dynasonic versus an oval (script) badge dynasonic. I am thinking of buying one but on ebay there is a material price difference between a Cleveland era dyna versus a late 70s...
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    Complexity of a cymbal

    Ok. So, I am struggling to technically describe the definition of "complexity". Taken a dark cymbal say a Bosphorus Master Vintage or Istanbul K Zildjian or a Matt Bettis; comparing what parameters will I describe one cymbal to be more complex and the other to be less complex. I would like to...
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    Impact of tuning on drum structure

    Hello Everyone - I am taking the liberty to assume that no question and curiosity is bad. It might be obvious to some but can anybody tell me their opinion if there is any impact of tuning ( loose, medium, High) on the roundness of the drums. The reason I am asking is that I have this...
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    Cymbals with keyholes / tear drops

    Hello - Hope you all are playing well. I wanted to ask the cymbaholics, what is your opinion on cymbals with key holes or small indentation at the center hole. I have seen many expensive ones on ebay going really cheap. Does small key holes honestly impact the sound ? Can the most elite of...
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    Amedia Kommagene v/s Sabian HHX

    Hello - I am in the process to purchase a matched cymbal set: 1 ride - 22" or 24" or 20", 1 crash-18" and 1 hihat pair -14". Mainly the setup would be for jazz. Now I was thinking Turkish cymbals would be cheaper than the branded ones. But had a rude awakening and found out that it is not...
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    Quick question on tuning

    Having ripples on the drum head. Will it damage the shell or over a longer period of time will it deform the round shells ? Thanks.
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    Drum tuning and sound perception

    Ok. This might be a very basic question to most of you so please bear with me I have been playing for many years now. Started with acoustic kit as a kid with pillows, duct tapes, mufflers and bad tuning. Soon after that due to sound restrictions posed in a residential building; moved to...
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    Players by Paiste

    I recently bought a drum set from craigslist and a 13" hihat and a 18" crash/ride came along with it. It is written on top of the hihat and ride that they are "Players" by Paiste made in Germany. I never heard of this model range and a net search could not give me any result. Anybody has used...