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    Best in-ears for around $50?

    I'm sure you can't get anything too spectacular for this price but that's ok. Just need something durable with decent enough noise cancellation and sound for playing live backing tracks. A long cable would be nice too. cheers, phil
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    Advice on buying a new snare drum

    Howdy, i'm in the market for a new snare, I want something PHAT and deeeep! Something I can use for my hiphop band but also tune lower for rock gigs and other playing situations, and has a great cross-stick sound. A versatile but phat and full sounding drum. Here are a couple i've found, I've...
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    Hey all, I'm a 21yr old drummer from New Zealand and i'm trying to suss out a place to study next year. I've already done a 2year diploma of music performance at a local music school and through that have made many contacts and friends who I have been playing with over the years since. But now...