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  1. IBitePrettyHard

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    Holy cow. Kits made from North American maple shells are typically around $1400 to $1600 at the very least. Is this the cheapest North American maple kit?
  2. IBitePrettyHard

    60s Acrolite- weird cracking look on shell

    Looks great! It would be interesting to hear that side-by-side to a standard Acrolite to see how much the lighter aluminum lugs effect the sound. Lighter lugs mean that less mass is attached to the shell.
  3. IBitePrettyHard

    New Kit...Gretsch New Classic

    What a fantastic kit! What you have there is about 99% as good as a Gretsch USA Custom (IMO). They're just all maple instead of maple/gum, and cheaper because they're made overseas. I have a Gretsch Renown that sounds very similar to your New Classic, so I definitely know how great they...
  4. IBitePrettyHard

    60s Acrolite- weird cracking look on shell

    Found this prototype Acrolite on Reverb, and this is part of the description... "As the story goes (although I can't verify the quantity for sure), there were around 200 prototype acrolite drums built sometime in 1962 - 1963 that were sent out to dealers for approval / sale. The original...
  5. IBitePrettyHard

    60s Acrolite- weird cracking look on shell

    That texture isn't a flaw, it was made that way.
  6. IBitePrettyHard

    DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!

    I dunno, the chances that Sweetwater messed up this recording is slim. Nick D'Virgilio knows what he's doing. All their other demos are spot on.
  7. IBitePrettyHard

    Restoring my first vintage snare!

    I was expecting much worse as well. That's a nice looking Supra! Use some crumpled up aluminum foil to scrub off any rust spots on the hoops. And as everyone else already said...take that sucker apart and soak it in Dawn dish detergent for a little while. If the sticker residue doesn't come...
  8. IBitePrettyHard

    Benny Greb's Signature Brass Snare DEMO

    Benny has a knack for making great sounding snares. To me it sounds articulate and throaty and very dry, (even with the muffling turned off). I can see it being too dry for some, but I think it sounds amazing. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure this snare needs all that muffling. It's...
  9. IBitePrettyHard

    Silver Sealer

    Let me play devil's advocate. The lighting is different in each of the photos, taken by different cameras in different environments. And the ages of each drum could be different as well. This all could combine to give the appearance of a different color. Color grading/accuracy is a huge...
  10. IBitePrettyHard

    Silver Sealer

    Wouldn't the paint booth have to be behind closed doors? Because of fumes and whatnot? :p Granted, it's also a convenient way to perpetuate the myth. So it serves several purposes, haha.
  11. IBitePrettyHard

    Two legged Hi Hat stands

    I also have a 2-leg Speed Cobra. The fancy one. Best. Hi-hat. Stand. Ever.
  12. IBitePrettyHard

    Carry bag for drum gear

    I would highly recommend a longer case. You can save a LOT of time if you don't have to completely collapse your cymbal stands or take your hi-hat stand apart. I used to use a long golf bag with wheels that was found at the thrift store, it worked great. Didn't have to resize any of the...
  13. IBitePrettyHard

    Hip Hop Snare

    This snare has an awesome throaty pop to it, is this what you're going for?
  14. IBitePrettyHard

    DW wood for shells

    One observation I have about DW shells. Almost all their wood types have the uncanny ability of sounding very similar to each other. (More so than other companies) It probably has to do with the way they make their shells. I've listened to every drum demo on Youtube and noticed this. Drum...
  15. IBitePrettyHard

    Hip Hop Snare

    What is the hip hop snare sound? Is it a tight, funky sound.....with a backbeat that has a pop or "thock" to it?
  16. IBitePrettyHard

    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    I think the rivets make them look unique and steampunkish.
  17. IBitePrettyHard

    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Very interesting. USA made Maple or Aluminum kits starting at $999. Bass drums are 10" deep!
  18. IBitePrettyHard

    Anyone still using hanging floor toms?

    Hanging floor toms are annoying because they don't always stay put. 14" and 16" floor toms are just too big and heavy for most tom mounting systems and they end up sagging or moving around while playing. Plus, they require 1) a tom bracket and 2) a hardware stand or rack to hang it from. A...
  19. IBitePrettyHard

    Anyone still using hanging floor toms?

    You coulda just named this post "Anyone still playing drums from the mid 90s to the early 2000s?"
  20. IBitePrettyHard

    Large Bass Drums

    Any fans of Impractical Jokers here? Murr's "punishment" was being put inside a bass drum at a Steel Panther concert. Not the funniest of punishments, but hey that bass drum is big do you think it is?