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  1. bojangleman

    Pedal or Stands?

    Woah! it has been a while since i've done this! ha To be honest, I don't know why, but I just lost interest in DW and GN for a couple months... I would think about it, but I would come to get on it, and would just quit for some reason.. haha. wow. but, I'm back! I could never forget you guys...
  2. bojangleman

    why no internal mic?

    i was thinking this... why do more drummers not have the internal drum miking system? especially on their kick drum? one less stand. sounds better depending on placement. easier .. am i missing something? Alex
  3. bojangleman

    Touring kit - wrap vs un-wrapped?

    alright guys. this prolly sounds stupid. but, for a touring/gigging kit, what would be a better choice? a non-wrapped kit with say a satin stain/gloss finish? or a wrapped kit? now, these drums will be in all types of conditions. not like smoke and all that. but like extreme heat, and...
  4. bojangleman

    dead time on stage?

    it usually always happens with us... so my question is: How do you guys prevent having dead time on stage? Alex
  5. bojangleman

    recent gig!

    hey guys! sorry, only have 2 pics! (which might be a good thing..haha) but, we played a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it rocked.. during soundcheck. thats why my hoody was still on..haha then our merch booth before we set our t-shirts up... and then our new t-shirts!! sorry, ill have...
  6. bojangleman

    what sizes?

    well, when i order my custom kit eventually, i was thinking of what tom sizes i would like.. and it got me thinking... right now, i have the Yamaha, and its a 1 up, 1 down kit. i've always wanted a bonham style kit. but not the 26" bass for my main gigging kit. i've also never had any luck...
  7. bojangleman

    cymbal bending..

    at the concert, my dad got a shot of me hitting my cymbals..or right after it.. and, you can see it bending.. kinda scares i think its cool.. sorry for the bad pic and darkness, but you can tell... Alex
  8. bojangleman

    New Years gig pics!!

    sorry bout the pics being isnt that good and of course the room was dark except for the stage.. and sorry for the massive amount of just like all of Alex
  9. bojangleman

    Studio pics!!

    well, more like living room pics..but, thats where we recorded at! lol ok, these pictures, are after about 45 minutes of clean, it looks it is kinda now, but it wasnt when we recorded..but it sounds good i think.. and the recordings im...
  10. bojangleman

    Just out of the studio!!

    sorta.. studio as in my living i recorded with my Soundcraft Powered Mixer into my Mac with Audacity.. and i think it sounds pretty good!! i used a set of Samson drum mics, 2 over heads, 1 on hat, snare,floor, rack, and kick. i had a D-6 on the kick.. Guitar cabs are miked with...
  11. bojangleman

    Internal miking on toms?

    i know there is the May Internal Miking system for like the bass drum, but, would it be practical to put it in the toms? im just wondering, cause, would it sound better? and it'd be quicker.. Alex
  12. bojangleman

    Jazz Concert..

    hey...Tuesday we had a jazz band concert...and, one of the band parents got a so i thought id share! im playing bass the first 2 songs..then i switch to drums for the last 2.. im in the blue shirt with the red...
  13. bojangleman

    just ordered a snare!!!

    i ordered a Pearl Joey Jordison Sig. snare off the bay tonight.. it retails at like $300..i got it for $154..=) so i cant wait till it comes in! ill be postin pics when it does!! Alex
  14. bojangleman

    bands flyer!!

    its a pretty big show, and were all excited!! so, here it special..but i like it! our picture is the worst..blurry, black n' white..but i dont care..haha Alex
  15. bojangleman

    sell the yammie?

    ive got a really good chance to get sponsored by a custom drum company...but, i'd have to sell my kits to get it.. ive got the Yamaha Tour Custom Moto X. 24x17 12x8 16x16 14x6 how much do you think i could get out of it? its in perfect condition...just reskined them and not a scratch on...
  16. bojangleman

    Another snare...

    well, ive been wanting another snare.. ive got 4, but i cant get them to sound the way i i want a really dry, and tight sound.. alot like this: & i love his snare sound...i saw them live and it...
  17. bojangleman

    new band pics!!

    haha...we wanted some different we just started having Alex
  18. bojangleman

    New Rogers!

    well, i know these lady from church, and she said that she had repoed a house lately, and it had a set of drums in it. she said, she had no need for them and she would gladly give them to me.. so of course, i was like....YAH!! yes, they are Rogers. but they are the newer rogers and they...
  19. bojangleman

    best way to drop a band memeber?

    well, we have voted and we are going to have to kick one of our members out... what is the best way... we are thinking him just show up to practice...and we'll all tell him then? but then were like..lets make it funny.. "hey, were bringing our old band name back....and your still the lead...
  20. bojangleman

    marching heads...

    how often does your school replace their battery heads? like bass drum and quads... cause, of some reasons, i had to step down from lead snare and play bass in my friends position. the heads on the drum have been on the for 4+ years, and i busted one.. so, im going to have to pay for it...