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  1. IBitePrettyHard

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    Holy cow. Kits made from North American maple shells are typically around $1400 to $1600 at the very least. Is this the cheapest North American maple kit?
  2. IBitePrettyHard

    Benny Greb's Signature Brass Snare DEMO

    Benny has a knack for making great sounding snares. To me it sounds articulate and throaty and very dry, (even with the muffling turned off). I can see it being too dry for some, but I think it sounds amazing. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure this snare needs all that muffling. It's...
  3. IBitePrettyHard

    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Very interesting. USA made Maple or Aluminum kits starting at $999. Bass drums are 10" deep!
  4. IBitePrettyHard

    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    ...except maybe this one.
  5. IBitePrettyHard

    Sakae in 2020

    It's hard to find information on Sakae drums. Maybe it's their lack of marketing or maybe they barely have a presence in the US/UK market, I dunno. This video is the first I've seen from them in a while. What are your thoughts? P.S. I hate the new badges
  6. IBitePrettyHard

    Ultimate Remo Bass Drum Head Comparison VIDEO

    Timpano Percussion is back with another comparison video! This is a great video for reference.
  7. IBitePrettyHard

    Ugly or not?

    Steve Maxwell asked Gretsch to make this 'Mardi Gras' finish exclusively for his shop. Apparently it hearkens back to the 50s and 60s kits he grew up with? I think it's ugly. .....but then I thought about the nostalgia factor. If I had grown up watching Buddy Rich play a kit with the Mardi...
  8. IBitePrettyHard

    DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!

    My opinion: It's a gorgeous drum! A work of art! .....but it sounds terrible. In fact, I think it's the worst sounding bell brass snare I've ever heard. I'm not even kidding. The tone is all upper midrange, no bottom end to speak of, and has no real "crack" either, despite having an...
  9. IBitePrettyHard

    Question about this Supraphonic

    I saw this Supraphonic listed on the Guitar Center website for $229 ($100 off!) during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and for some stupid reasoned I balked. The day after Cyber Monday it was still there and I realized how stupid I was for waiting. It's a 100th Anniversary Supra from 2009, and...
  10. IBitePrettyHard

    What kit is this, and should I get it?

    This Premier bop kit popped up in my area. I don't really NEED a bop kit, but I guys know how it is. What's up Bo! It looks like it'd be useful to have for smaller gigs where I would've used my Breakbeats kit. It says Made in England. Is this a Premier XPK or APK? It looks...
  11. IBitePrettyHard

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

    Post any deals you come across! Someone is compiling many of the drum deals here... Have any of you found good drum deals on Black Friday in the past?
  12. IBitePrettyHard

    Does the existence of this drum kit seem crazy to anyone else?

    This DW Collector's kit seems hilarious to me. It sounds great and looks like a blast to play.........but who would buy a prebuilt monstrosity like this? Especially in these colors? Wouldn't someone who pays $12k to $15k for a massive kit want their own sizes and colors? Who would buy this...
  13. IBitePrettyHard

    Are we living in a "Buyer's market?"

    Several of you have recently made reference to being in a buyer's drum market. Is this really true? I'm not saying I doubt it, there's a lot of used drums on the market and choices for new drums has only grown. But is it distinctly different from 5, 10, 20 years ago? Has anything changed? I...
  14. IBitePrettyHard

    Dixon Drums demoed by Gregg Bissonette

  15. IBitePrettyHard

    Why aren't free-floating drum designs (like Guru or Sleishman) more popular?

    I'm referring to drums with lugs that are not attached directly to the shell, or have no lugs at all. No drilling in the shells. Drums from Guru and Sleishman sound phenomenal. Why isn't everybody making them? @Andy
  16. IBitePrettyHard

    Fascinating raw/uncut vid of Turkish craftsmen making Bosphorus cymbal

    Mesmerizing. Every hammer blow, all the's all there. See just how many hammer blows (thousands) and repeated trips to the lathe it takes. I wish Zildjian and Sabian would do raw videos like this instead of the 2 minute, highly edited commercials that show almost none of the...
  17. IBitePrettyHard

    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    I thought I'd drop by Guitar Center on a way to a gig tomorrow to pick up some Ambassador coated heads for my Renowns. I want a jazzier tuning that I can't really get with clear Emperors. The 4 heads I need (10/12/14/16") would cost $81! Before tax! So more like $85. That's ridiculous...
  18. IBitePrettyHard

    Big Youtuber hires 10 different drummers to accompany his bass groove. VERY interesting.

    Davie504 (an incredibly talented bassist with over 4 MILLION subscribers) hired 10 drummers to accompany his bass groove. His sense of humor may not be for everyone, but the results are fascinating. Definitely worth a watch!
  19. IBitePrettyHard

    Craigslist deal. It pays to set up alerts!

    I set up alerts for keywords on Craigslist a few months ago hoping to get the jump on any potential deals. One of those keywords was "Supralite"...and today I got a notification about 20 min after posting. $100 for Mint condition 14x6.5 Supralite. It came with an almost-new Evans Genera HD...
  20. IBitePrettyHard

    What a USA Custom sounds like with 45/45 bearing edges

    Very interesting... It takes out some warmth, but adds tons of attack. It adds ALL of the attack, in fact. haha. Very staccato attack, with a pleasing and ambient sustain afterwards. Kinda sounds like Canopus to me. What do you guys think? From the comments...