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  1. Jeremy Bender

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    Genesis - A trick of the Tail Peter Gabriel - So
  2. Jeremy Bender

    Comping using hi hat

    I just came across this 10 minute video lesson on comping. I find his unpretentious and lucid teaching style refreshing.
  3. Jeremy Bender


    This video may help with your decision. There's other videos online as well of Ludwig snares. I'd say choose whatever your ears favor...
  4. Jeremy Bender

    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    Perhaps the Forum rules that currently exist could be followed and the name calling could be left for other outlets. 1) Absolute Respect and Zero Tolerance "There is no trolling, flaming, or insulting of others allowed. Do not make comments that are sexist, racist, pejorative, obscene...
  5. Jeremy Bender

    What's your latest purchase?

    A Paiste Signature Traditional 18" Thin crash cymbal gently used. Buttery feel with a less complex tonal character than other Paiste lines. Wish they would expand the line some more.
  6. Jeremy Bender

    Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station

    I like the little table it looks perfect for a laptop.
  7. Jeremy Bender

    Meytal Cohen? She plays, right?

    The bias displayed in some of the posts in the previous pages of this thread is fairly evident. Larry mentioned earlier that it was a potential minefield. The brakes probably should've been put on immediately at the first hint of sexism but It continues on... A disappointing area of...
  8. Jeremy Bender

    Price Check On Noble and Cooley Snare

    Yes I'd say that's a fair price on a classic SS in excellent condition. This week's conversion rate at 900 CAD = $679. USD Is the drum you're interested in a maple shell? I would just be certain it's the size you truly want. 5x14 is very versatile. I own a clasic SS I bought in 1989. Back...
  9. Jeremy Bender

    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    Dan after watching guys on Drumeo , I'm interested in getting a decent recorded sound to mix into pre-recorded tracks into a laptop while I play along to them with in ear monitors on. Eventually adding video also. Not too fond of Apple things, I've tried them but they give me fits of...
  10. Jeremy Bender

    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    Thank you for your helpful answers. I get the general impession that it's a slightly hit or miss approach to learning about. Though technology in musical performance is rather ubiquitous, it's not as studied and schooled by some drummers when compared to things like rudiments or grooves, but...
  11. Jeremy Bender

    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    For those of you who use tech. in a professional setting, such as laptops, i.e.m.,click, triggers, samples pads, recording equipment etc... How and where did you learn to become proficient at their use without attending college or technical schooling?
  12. Jeremy Bender

    What are current trends that you like?

    I like the boutique drums that are available now compared to 'back in the day' when there where only a few big name manufacturers most guys new about (way before the internet). Also some of the mounting/hardware designs are very practical and there's now some innovative gear...
  13. Jeremy Bender

    Real wood veneers, or engineered?

    The veneer on my birch kit is an option available in SQ2 known as Vintage Onyx and after a close look when I first got them and took them outside under bright sunlight I saw the detail that is available with Alpi finishes. I was cool with the price point. The real wood finishes in SQ2 are...
  14. Jeremy Bender

    What are current trends that you like?

    I like how quickly a new thread following this one will be asking: What are the current trends you dislike? it's inevitable...
  15. Jeremy Bender

    Traditional grip with left side cymbals

    Buddy Rich would often opt to strike the left side crash with his right hand or strike it with the left stick changed to matched grip if he was playing a big ff roll on both cymbals at the end of a chart. Watching Louie Bellson I'd notice how he' do a sweeping glance on the left crash left hand...
  16. Jeremy Bender

    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    He might be opening act for this guy...
  17. Jeremy Bender

    Any Graphic Design experts in the house?

    Just found this on Facebook, this guy's collection is impressive.
  18. Jeremy Bender

    What's your "day" job?

    Bill collector. They collect all day on the desk.
  19. Jeremy Bender

    Caption contest!

    The tooth fairy left me a Sabian!
  20. Jeremy Bender

    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    The cymbal that I would say I need to keep is my favorite ride: a Paiste Twenty series 21" "Ride" model. Love how it's such a versatile ride cymbal for different styles. the favorite I own isn't one I play on too often it's a 22" Swish.