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  1. No Way Jose

    Band drinks for free

    The band plays at a local bar and the owner gives us beer for free. A customer decides to buy a round of drinks for the band. We thank him very much and continue playing music and drinking beer. Then a couple weeks later the same customer discovers that the band drinks for free. Customer might...
  2. No Way Jose

    Zildjian A Custom Crash Pawn Shop Find

    I was looking for parts to fix a snare drum when I looked over their cymbal collection. Almost all cymbals there were low end stuff but then my eyes came upon it! A Zildjian A Custom 18 inch crash in great condition asking price USA $ 75. I checked it thoroughly then bought it. How did I do, is...
  3. No Way Jose

    Are any forum members playing in a Guitar Center band?

    Are any forum members playing in a Guitar Center band? There are so many musicians working at Guitar Center that lots of bands might originate there.
  4. No Way Jose

    Unsticking A Lug

    This is for the house drum kit where we jam Friday nights. I'm trying to replace a batter side drum head on a steel snare drum. The screw turns about 1/4 turn, but otherwise won't screw in or out. Any ideas on how I can remove this lug without damaging the shell? I imagine both the lug and the...
  5. No Way Jose

    Sympathy For The Drummer

    Charlie Watts' new book "Sympathy For The Drummer" is advertised at Walmart and Amazon. Have any forum members read the book? What did you think of it?
  6. No Way Jose

    Hurricane Songs

    Hurricane Dorian will be on us in a couple days. Of course venue owners want me to keep gigging all weekend. Tonight I'm hosting an open mic at a local bar. What songs should we play? I'm thinking: Gimme Shelter Who'll Stop The Rain Have You Ever Seen The Rain Like A Hurricane - Neil Young...
  7. No Way Jose

    Pitch bend How do you think he gets the pitch bend on the tom on this recording?
  8. No Way Jose

    Bingkers cymbals

    Bingkers cymbals. Inexpensive, sold by Walmart. They look lathed. Has anyone tried them...
  9. No Way Jose

    Ktaxon Cymbals

    Ktaxon cymbals. Walmart sells them. Inexpensive. Has anyone tried them?
  10. No Way Jose

    Drum Synthesizer Or Percussion Keyboard

    Drum Synthesizer Or Percussion Keyboard Is there such a thing? Some percussion instruments are tuned such as marimba, vibes, xylophone, and steel drums. Is there a synthesizer, or something with preset voices that sound like piano, organ, or brass section that can be triggered with drum sticks...
  11. No Way Jose

    Improvised Drum Kit This guy does pretty well with such homemade equipment.
  12. No Way Jose


    Ever get the urge to travel to some far away country, stay wherever and seek out the nightclubs and bars, hear the local music? I'm feeling that way now.
  13. No Way Jose

    High School Dances

    I don't know what is happening in high schools now. Do they still have dances? Do they hire bands of is it all DJs?