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  1. Jeremy Bender

    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    For those of you who use tech. in a professional setting, such as laptops, i.e.m.,click, triggers, samples pads, recording equipment etc... How and where did you learn to become proficient at their use without attending college or technical schooling?
  2. Jeremy Bender

    Kolberg percussion showroom - Germany

    This place is like the 'Amazon' of percussion under one roof!
  3. Jeremy Bender

    Any Graphic Design experts in the house?

    With the technology and techniques available today, I was wondering if it was feasible to scan or take an image (say from a postcard or a photograph) and transfer that onto a bass drum head to give the appearance of a hand painted skin from the 1920's-1940's era?
  4. Jeremy Bender

    Vic's drum shop Chicago-permanently closed?

    Maybe I'm late to hearing this news, but I did a search query and the store is now permanently closed. I know at one time they had a huge inventory on site. I can't imagine what happened in a major city like that.
  5. Jeremy Bender

    Nashville's home recording ban

    Well this is shocking. Or maybe not...
  6. Jeremy Bender

    2020 Scam Potential

    Well this is interesting. I'll post this as a PSA to start the new year off with and if the Mods deem it worthy of keeping then so be it. If not then that's cool too.
  7. Jeremy Bender

    A Modern Day Touring Drummer's Gear Requirements...Holy Smokes!

    This is Shakira's drummer giving a rundown of his on stage set-up for live performances. Quite the elaborate and expensive investment in gear.
  8. Jeremy Bender

    Bass drum miking techniques

    For those interested, here's an article on the subject...
  9. Jeremy Bender

    Butch Miles Brush Technique

    Cool swinging technique he has to get a nice full sound. I wish the video was longer, I'm trying to learn this! Anyone else play using that technique?
  10. Jeremy Bender

    Louie Bellson's Drum Lesson for Beginners

    Taught by a master musician, it's a good primer for those just getting started. The tape is a little old but still worth watching....
  11. Jeremy Bender

    Ever wonder where all the drums go to?

    I've often wondered where the majority of drums over the past 50 years have gone to when considering the amount of live gigs has dropped drastically in that time span. This in stark contrast compared to the amount of drums available ( at least in the USA ). There's a glut of drum names & the new...
  12. Jeremy Bender

    Ludwig P-88 AC strainer question

    I like the millenium strainer, but the issue is the clearance isn't quite enough for the center bead of the non-Ludwig snare drum I've tried to install it on. Does the P88 have more space for the center bead of the drum shell than the millenium?
  13. Jeremy Bender

    Glyn Johns Mic Technique

    As demonstrated by the man himself. I'm hoping to get a setup like this eventually.
  14. Jeremy Bender

    Who is Count Basie?

    Informative concert for kids by top notch players...
  15. Jeremy Bender

    Paiste 602 - 22" China?

    Thinking about the the new formula 602 M.E. China after hearing a video but I can't find it in a local shop yet. Anyone own or play this cymbal and your thoughts?
  16. Jeremy Bender

    Rob Knopper's guide to recording yourself for an audition

    This is kinda different but interesting to some, and while it's geared mainly towards concert percussion-the simple recording techniques and philosophies could apply to some drumset players as well. Thngs like eliminating multitasking, mental focusing, choosing your musical vision etc...
  17. Jeremy Bender

    Vic Firth/Steve Gadd discuss Sound

    Nice little chat where Mr. Firth brought up the concept of sound quality produced by drummers. Possibly something that's not really being discussed much these days compared to discussing gear?
  18. Jeremy Bender

    Food for thought?

  19. Jeremy Bender

    ADKAR model in music

    Came across this acronym and it could open a world of posssibilites within the realm of music performance, studies, technique etc... if explored?