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  1. gdmoore28

    DW 9000 vs. $50 pedal I can't remember

    I guess I'm lucky. I can get the same speed and good feel out of every pedal I play, from my Speed King to my Pearl Something to my DW5000. Heck, even the imported Slingerland pedal I have feels just fine. (Note, however, that I don't use double pedals and don't play any kind of "speed" music...
  2. gdmoore28

    Mapex Saturn

    All the Saturn kits - except for the first series Saturn Pro - are great drum sets. You're going to love them.
  3. gdmoore28

    Getting rid of my rack tom mount before re-warping it. How can I cover it?

    Used dowels to plug the holes in my Slingerland bass drum. Glue them in, sand them flat, and you are good for rewrapping.
  4. gdmoore28

    Wired headphones make / model?

    IMHO, Beats are some of the worst phones I've ever had on my head. But I love almost everything made by Sony.
  5. gdmoore28

    What's your latest purchase?

    Did cast hoops to complete my NOS Slingerland kit. Seven piece kit in WMP. First time I've had die cast hoops and I love them for in home use. Hope to find out how they sound on a gig some time. May prefer triple flanged in unmiked situations. We'll see. GeeDeeEmm
  6. gdmoore28

    What's your latest purchase?

    Wow! That color is breathtaking. Congratulations.
  7. gdmoore28

    Tried cleaning/polishing some cymbals: REALLY disappointing

    Oh, well. I like shiny cymbals. For over forty years I've used BKF applied with the lathing lines. To me, clean cymbals sound better, while heavily tarnished and dirty ones sound muted. But it's a good thing that I don't care about logos! GeeDeeEmm
  8. gdmoore28

    Discovered rim shots aged 46

    I spent almost all of my 50 years behind the kit playing rimshots only and using traditional grip. I never paid any attention to it. Then, about a year ago, I lost the ability to play rimshots consistently. Now I have to consciously focus on doing so. What happened? I have no idea. GeeDeeEmm
  9. gdmoore28

    High Hat Cymbals

    What Peedy said above. Two 14" Zildjians with weights around 900 grams each. Fixed. GeeDeeEmm
  10. gdmoore28


    Can you tell us what brand and model of drum set this is? Will help to narrow down the advice we give. Pics? GeeDeeEmm
  11. gdmoore28

    What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?

    I have a love/hate relationship with our two GM Trailblazers. Love the trucks, but they are both jinxed with electronics from hell. I've driven GM trucks since 1975 with zero issues until these two. My faith in GM is badly shaken GeeDeeEmm
  12. gdmoore28

    Drum size thoughts

    Nothing at all wrong with those sizes for Rock. Personally, I can't drum well without a 10" though. GeeDeeEmm
  13. gdmoore28

    Pingy Rides vs. Washy Rides

    That's the kind of "frequency dominant" cymbal response that drives me up the wall. It took me years to finally determine exact what it was that made me like or dislike a cymbal. I have a test that I do now when I audition cymbals: if I can hum a distinct tone (frequency) that presents itself...
  14. gdmoore28

    Throwing good money after bad

    Just suck it up and buy the çorrect L-arm. You will use the spare somewhere. Don't fret. I do these kind of mistakes all the time. GeeDeeEmm
  15. gdmoore28

    Not usually my thing, but ----

    Exactly. I'll love to hear phenomenal players, but my eyes (or ears, to be more exact) glaze over and I loose interest when there is music without meaning. GeeDeeEmm
  16. gdmoore28

    Pingy Rides vs. Washy Rides

    I lean more towards washy nowadays, though I've never been into cymbals that are pure ping. Currently, I use my long-time favorite Sabian 20" HH medium ride with rivets, and a recently-acquired Sabian 21" HH RBDR, which has a much nicer wash than I expected. I'm quite satisfied with the options...
  17. gdmoore28

    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I love 14 - 17" crash cymbals, and use several of them - Zildjian As and Ks. But I must admit that when the venue is larger and the band is louder, the situation demands bigger crashes - 18" and larger. GeeDeeEmm
  18. gdmoore28

    Zildjian Avedis cymbals

    I've played only the 22" ride that our local GC has, and I've fallen head over heels for it, as I've reported here on this forum. This particular Avedis has what I consider near perfect presentation: a lovely wash with absolutely no discernable dominant frequencies, and a ping that rides just...
  19. gdmoore28

    I wrote, drummed, pianoed, congaed, and bassed this piece!

    What all the others said (except for the LH guitar player - that's a different dude, GD), but I missed one important ingredient: a strong, repeating, hummable HOOK. That's the one thing that defines great music. GeeDeeEmm
  20. gdmoore28

    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    I have the deep 13" steel Ludwig Supralite. First non-14" snare I've owned. It quickly took over as my main snare. I'll be a 13" guy from now on.