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  1. GetAgrippa

    Wow music recycles like glass or plastic.

    I was searching Youtube for interesting and new music and ran across this song- . Now I realized is this Deja Vu-I recognize this song? Well yep I do because it was from an album (Music and Dreams) one of my high school classmate made in the 70s and that was one of the songs . Small world...
  2. GetAgrippa

    Bliss Vintage 17 in crash/ride

    I got a new Bliss Vintage 17 in crash/ride for xmas. I was wanting to try one of these off brand cymbals so I asked for it for xmas. So I was testing crashing it on a drumless track I found to noodle along with-I've never heard it before. Anyways I was taken back a bit when I first played it (I...
  3. GetAgrippa

    Some Acid Jazz/Funk

    Found this Acid Jazz Funk drumless track to play along to. No I'm not on acid-not sure the song is either really. But it is drumless so I have to lead the drum part so I I've been playing along to it and thought I'd share this take on it (it's like third or fourth-I'm still working on...
  4. GetAgrippa

    I've been Fearlessly Flying-I've crashed and burned a lot.

    Well I haven't posted one of my crummy single mic Zoom videos in awhile so thought I'd post some excerpts from the wood shed (warts and all). Fearless Flyers. Yeah way above my pay grade-but WTH. A couples of songs -one a bit of "Simon F15" and the last "Under the Sea " a fun song which is...
  5. GetAgrippa

    Time to change heads?

    One of my elder bros is a guitar player and one his friends dabbles in music and bought a bunch of equipment-drum kit, keyboards, guitars, etc. He keeps them at my brothers. I've played this PDP kit the last three years whenever I visit him-we'll jam some. Really never paid much attention to it...
  6. GetAgrippa

    Rough two weeks

    Well been awhile since I been on the kit-but got on the other day and played to some Lettuce. It isn't any "cover" just letting loose but I need stress relief. About two weeks ago from this coming Wednesday my wife was coming home from visiting...
  7. GetAgrippa

    Some Latin/Jazz fusion

    So working on some Latin/jazz fusion with a drumless track of a Herbie Hancock song "Spain". Thought I'd post part of that effort-warts and all.
  8. GetAgrippa

    Playing along Robert Cray

    Been a while since I posted so I thought I'd share some practice and me experimentin' on some Robert Cray. Simple but messed with bass line and added drags and changes in tempo-experimenting. I thought it sounded interesting and not too bad with just single mic Zoom. Hopefully will encourage...
  9. GetAgrippa

    Moaning' Jazz ride

    Well so many people have suggested just cymbal and Moanin' Art Blakey. So I've been doing it-posted a quick video on Larry jazz ride pattern thread. So I thought I'd start a thread to follow my progress-which I freely admit I suck at jazz. So here is another one warts and all-any comments and...
  10. GetAgrippa

    Hurricane Michael beat my Dad

    Hurricane Micheal devastated a small town on the Gulf of Mexico-called Mexico Beach. Some fifty years ago my Dad bought a lot on the canal, designed a home to be Hurricane proof (for that era), and had his own crew built it (he was a physician, but architect builder, farmer, wore many hats)...
  11. GetAgrippa

    Kicking noodles.

    Well I've been shedding on some Steely Dan recently. I'll post them when I get them better. But not this song. No I butchered this one. No today after digging up and making my rows for my fall greens garden I came in and practiced a song I've been shedding on my laptop (working on my Purdie...
  12. GetAgrippa

    Roberto Spizzichino cymbals

    Spizzichino cymbals aren't a common name-probably cause they run $1,500-2,500 or more. A self taught artisan-well he doesn't call himself an artist but a sound craftsman-who makes cymbals . I thought this article and video pretty neat...
  13. GetAgrippa

    Meshing around.

    Well got a inguinal hernia repair two weeks ago to the day. Silly me I'm 63 and try to act 30 moving an old tv entertainment center back in January, then I tried ignoring it till I was carrying a sack of concrete and slipped-man that ripped it good. With all the medical issues of strokes...
  14. GetAgrippa

    We are not alone

    We are not alone. Other animals drum. On other thread I had us going down some rabbit holes so since we've already ventured into the looking glass I'd go on. We got hung up on inner clock and how we assess time-interesting but not really related to OP question. But it is interesting because...
  15. GetAgrippa

    Some brush noodling

    Well since I moved to SC I've tried to be considerate of neighbors so been playing rutes and brushes to keep the decibels down. Though I am spending an hour a day on the cymbal ;) Now I don't play brushes often-seems like every time I do I have to re-teach myself what to do to get a decent...
  16. GetAgrippa

    Pearl Decade with new heads

    Well I got this Pearl Decade kit a year ago this April and have had the UT heads on till now. I put vintage coated ambassadors over clear ambassadors, and then put a clear EQ3 over coated and ported smooth white EQ3 bass drum heads. Got Evans coated G1 over 300 snare side but haven't changed...
  17. GetAgrippa

    Listening to Jazz-Not as simple as it seems.

    I guess it's the evolution of all drummers to want to learn all styles of music. Jazz has always been one of those styles that drummers often struggle and often there is the suggestion to "listen to a bunch of great jazz". Sounds simple enough but really I found not so fast-jazz is a huge menu...
  18. GetAgrippa

    Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!

    Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! May your day be filled with Lil Green people.
  19. GetAgrippa

    Trying my 13 in tom as a floor tom-too wimpy or what?

    Well I guess about 8 months ago I got a Pearl Decade maple kit 13, 16, 24 in kick. A great buy for an inexpensive kit. I later bought a 10 in tom, but didn't really like it. However of late I'm disliking the 16 in tom more than the 10 in. So I decided to try using the 13 as. floor tom and tuned...
  20. GetAgrippa

    Playing along with a Drumless Funk track

    All the drumless track posts of late have been inspiring. So I found this freebie drumless Funk track to play along with and thought I'd give it a try to stimulate some creativity-this is my second or so try so not very creative, it isn't very funky, no fancy fills, but it's a start. Thought I'd...