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  1. Over50drumguy

    New tricks?

    Maybe not that in itself , but the limb independence it translates to all around the kit can . I’m working on similar stuff now to get back that limb independence from years off the kit .
  2. Over50drumguy

    Jam Space Etiquette

    The guys a total douche canoe , no two ways about it . Like TMe said , decibel levels are everything . The level up to a point is all about room size, sound dampening , and construction or material of said room . As long as no one is painfully exceeding a relative decibel level , ..... it is...
  3. Over50drumguy

    High hat stands

    ^^^^^^^^ . Anyone have one ? Used one ? Thoughts ?
  4. Over50drumguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    Beautiful finish ! Keeper or a flip ???
  5. Over50drumguy

    Your book collection

    These ( and 3 or 4 I’m missing ) , are what I was working out of with a teacher from 1979 to around 83/84. Trying to work through them again , but I’ve forgotten how to read a lot of it except the basic stuff . But for now the basics are knocking off the rust and sharpening up the skills along...
  6. Over50drumguy

    Your next planned purchase

    Was looking at them on line last night . What do you think of or .... any experience with this stand ........ Found this today...
  7. Over50drumguy

    High hat stands

    Need a new high hat stand that doesn’t break the bank as I just picked up a new to me tama starclassic bb and will need a few other things as well . Was planning on hitting local stores but this popped up today ( limited quantities/ time to get) . Any first hand user reviews ? Well made...
  8. Over50drumguy

    Proper Music

    +1. And don’t even get me started on all the hipster “MEN???” with their skinny jeans 🙄😂.
  9. Over50drumguy

    Your next planned purchase

    You gotta know that a girlfriend or wife nagging their significant other to get drum gear is in itself reason enough to get it 😉! We should all be so LUCKY 😂!!!!!!!
  10. Over50drumguy

    Your next planned purchase

    A high hat stand , throne , one crash one ride . And I’m open to suggestions on the hat stand 😉.
  11. Over50drumguy

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    So many, but 3 that entered my mind when I read the thread title...... SRV.....Texas Flood Sevendust .... Animosity Allman Brothers .... A decade of hits
  12. Over50drumguy

    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    You beat me to it lol . I have this one saved in my phone .One of my favorites 😂 and have posted that on some other forums in the past . My take ....... In the two or so years I’ve been here , I gotta say it’s the most civil forum I’ve ever been on ( and I’m on 3 or 4) with the most pleasant ...
  13. Over50drumguy

    Chattanooga woman takes up drums at age 92

    👍🏻 Dohhh ! 🙄. I never looked at the date of Op thread. Just the title . All the responses were current , so I assumed lol . I’m usually better about that .
  14. Over50drumguy

    Chattanooga woman takes up drums at age 92

    Yeah ! I wound up reading that story anyway since I was already invested in the click of the link .🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Now I’m wondering 🤔 why others saw the titled story and we saw the zoo thing 🤔
  15. Over50drumguy

    Chattanooga woman takes up drums at age 92

    Me too 🤷🏻‍♂️. Lol 😂
  16. Over50drumguy

    Kick Drum Hoop Protection

    No one else is protecting the hoop🤷🏻‍♂️🤔.
  17. Over50drumguy

    I don't care about movies much anymore

    That thing you do ! I love that movie . Not even sure why . Just an enjoyable flick
  18. Over50drumguy

    I don't care about movies much anymore

    Pretty much the same here . I’ve only seen one in a theatre this past year ( joker) with my two older girls ( 19 and 24) . They asked me to go and I wasn’t gonna miss hanging with them for a bit as they’re so busy these days . I am going to see the Impractical Jokers movie this week with my...
  19. Over50drumguy

    Kick Drum Hoop Protection

    Thread revival !!! As some here know I ordered and received my a tama starclassic bb. It’s a lacquer finish with black lacquer hoops . There is only slight scratching and marring where the pedal connects , and I want to protect it from any more damage . So in the two years since this thread...
  20. Over50drumguy

    Fished outta the trash . Should they go right back 🤷🏻‍♂️

    From what I can gather it’s a 60’s Slingerland niles badge ( #160494)?floor tom , maple-poplar-mahogany with maple re rings in champagne sparkle . Size is 16x16 .