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  1. Hollywood Jim

    Grip issue

    My hands also stay dry when I play. In an emergency, in the old days, I used to use soda pop. Buy a Sprite from the bar and put it on your hands. These days I use tennis racket grip. That's the best stuff I have found. There is one more thing that worked good for me. Buy a can of high gloss...
  2. Hollywood Jim

    Learning more songs @ 80% or fewer at 95%

    If you are learning a song for your own satisfaction then learn it 100%. If you are playing with a band, learn it 80%. I say this because when you play with a band you will need to adapt the drum part to the way the whole band plays the song. For instance last week I learned how to play Take...
  3. Hollywood Jim

    remo silent stroke - what is the ACTUAL volume level?

    If you are worried about the volume, make sure you remove the bottom head. The lowest sound level I was ever able to get was when I used Silent Stroke heads and my drums were completely full of laundry. Of course in this situation the bottom heads were necessary. Playing any kind of drums in...
  4. Hollywood Jim

    The more I progress, the less it matters.

    I think this phenomenon is related to; when a great professional drummer sits down with a junkie set of drums and makes them sound good? (Ha ! MntnMan62 above was thinking the same as me) .
  5. Hollywood Jim

    Find Joy in Playing at the Level You Are Currently At

    I run a weekly open mic jam. I watch a lot of drummers and other musicians play at jams. And I always evaluate their playing. It is hard to not do that. If nothing else I need to know how good they are as I put together groups of players for my jam. I never make negative comments about...
  6. Hollywood Jim

    For those of you who tune to notes....question

    I tune my toms to "Here comes The Bride". Don't ask me what notes they are cause I don't know. It's great for drum solos. But when you play un-miced and the electric guitars start up, it hardly matters. .
  7. Hollywood Jim

    I don't care about movies much anymore

    Sounds like Bermuda and some of you others don't have wives, girlfriends or boyfriends dragging you out to the movies. The last movie I saw was Little Women. Sometimes I need to sit in the dark, unwind, relax and take a nap. .
  8. Hollywood Jim

    Zildjian ZBTs

    If it were me, I’d go to....... wait for it..... wait for it...... Guitar Center. Try out their used cymbals right there in the store on one of their drum sets. I have 5 Guitar Centers near me so I’m sure in one day I could find something cheap that I could live with. .
  9. Hollywood Jim

    Rock n Roller R6RT. A mod.

    Hey, I have a Rock N Roller cart too. I could use a couple of extra inches. I'm gonna try this out. I'm thinking I could remove the spring loaded dome thingy and drill a hole where the fixed screws are when it is fully extended. And that way it will lock in at it's longest length. And I...
  10. Hollywood Jim

    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    I had an Evans G2 on the tom batter. Tuned rather high. Not changed from how it was tuned with the redo head. And these Toms are yamaha stage custom from 2000. They are deep Toms. Lots of tone. Microphones? Ha. No microphones here. So yes I understand lower tuned concert Toms with...
  11. Hollywood Jim

    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    Hey headless tom lovers. Last night at my open jam I tried removing the reso head on one of my toms. I removed the reso on my 12" tom and left the reso on my 13" tom. The 12" had a slight boing' sound. Some weird overtone. It was not louder than it was with the reso head. And it did not...
  12. Hollywood Jim

    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    Hey, most of the time I play with loud guitar players. I think I'm gonna try it too. I've never played with concert toms. But for me, I like to see the bottom hoops installed. So I'm going to simply cut a huge hole in the reso head.
  13. Hollywood Jim

    Very First Kits

    In 1963 my Father brought two new Slingerland drum sets. Both in silver sparkle. One for me and one for himself. I was 13 years old. I still have mine and my daughter still has my fathers kit. .
  14. Hollywood Jim

    Show Us Your Set List

    Yep, CI = Count in SD = Snare drum CS= Cross Stick J = one hit Brk = Break V = Verse C = Chorus TW = Thump Wack = very basic beat Words in green are Beatles songs. This instantly gives me the tempo Thanks for wondering. .
  15. Hollywood Jim

    Dented Rogers Shell

    It is easy to remove the dents. But it is rarely perfect again. But they can be removed so that you can hardly tell they existed. Remove all of the hardware. Use a hard rubber mallet and a flat hard wood surface. .
  16. Hollywood Jim

    Asking for a friend

    And I'm willing to bet that the drumming in this band is poor to mediocre. Should the other band members complain about this or quit the band? And I'm wondering if this guy is helping the band sound better than they did with the last drummer. .
  17. Hollywood Jim

    Show Us Your Set List

    Sounds like fun. Here are two sets from my gig last Saturday. Enjoy my secret codes............... .
  18. Hollywood Jim

    Difference between cymbals of the same model

    AND, the screw adjustment under the bottom cymbal that tilts the bottom cymbal could be set differently on the two hi hat stands. Thus causing the two sets of cymbals to come together (mate) differently. Even having two different hi hat stands could make a difference in the "feel" of the...
  19. Hollywood Jim

    10 Best Reviewed Kits of 2019

    Love it. Great video. Helps me decide which kit I'd like to have. But I guess I'd need two of them. One for loud rock gigs and one for softer inde gigs. Yes, we really do need a special video just for snare drums. They are a very different drum voice compared to toms and bass drums. One...
  20. Hollywood Jim

    Has practicing on pillows helped with your speed or control

    And the pillow comes back to haunt us again. My Dad was a drum teacher way way back a long time ago in 1950. I used to help teach his beginner students when I was a teenager. We used the pillow to help train the beginning students. They would practice on a pillow for the first few months along...