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  1. Rock Salad

    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    I see all these threads on new pedals that are out. So I went on down to the shop and put my foot on some. Tama's the Classic was instantly the nicest feeling pedal there for my tastes. It has some sort of height adjustment though, which is neat, but also could be a breakage issue. Anybody got one?
  2. Rock Salad

    New Music!

    Let's help each other find good new music by sharing your favorite local record label. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma we have Horton Records, there may be others but I know a couple of the groups on Horton. Check out Seth Lee Jones band and Paul Benjamin Band.
  3. Rock Salad

    Sloshing the Hi Hats

    there doesn't seem to be much on the internets about sloshing hi hats or for that matter mashing in snare hits. i haven't quite got my snare mash quite yet but i think i stumbled onto something today about sloshing the hats. i started just stick on the hats rocking them, and was like that...
  4. Rock Salad

    Any Good? My Band I have heard that i could get some brutal critique here. I know my drumming is not even at a level it can even be critiqued yet, but how you like the song?