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    Economics help.

    Hey all, I've got a big economics final coming up. I've been looking through my notes and at the study guide and I have a few questions. Obviously i'm not here saying, "please do this for me." But I would just like some guidance from anyone who may be knowledgeable in the field. Like I said...
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    Help with an academic issue

    Hey all. I'm currently a sophomore in college, and am currently a journalism and anthropology double major. However, i've currently been thinking about dropping journalism and going to grad school to be a professor in anthropology. I really wouldnt be losing anything at al credit-wise should I...
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    Question about bit rates

    Hey all, I currently have all my files on itunes in AAC 128 bit. If I were to bump up the bit rate to 256 or higher, would I notice it, or would there be no sound difference since th file has already been compressed down to 128? Thanks all.
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    A question for classical music fans

    Beethoven's Silence. Is that a piece outside of his 9 symphonies or is it somewhere in one of them as a movement? I have the same question for something on my itunes titled Romance No. 2 in F Major Sharp op.50. Thanks everyone I hope someone knows!
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    America's got Talent

    Kevin Skinner. Anybody watch this guy? Unemployed former chicken catcher from Kentucky. I am no fan of country, I like one Willie Nelson song and a Taylor Swift song, that's as country as I get in my musical tastes. But man this guy blew my mind. I just felt the song coming straight from his...
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    Different headphones

    Hey all. I have always played my ipod through in-ear ear phones, with a set of carpentry headphones over them to cancel out the harsh tones. This of course always made my drums and such sound better, but lately the sound has been annoying me... it's TOO muffled. My question is: Are there any...
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    Felt alternatives?

    I use all felts on my cymbals, but have always known about alternatives that let the cymbal come to life a bit more. I recently took my top felt off of my 22" A custom ping and really noticed how more breathy it is, it sounds great. But my other cymbals need the top felt so they dont fly around...
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    Does anyone else have an Axis pedal?

    So I just got a used axis ax-x pedal, and it feels incredible. However, since it is used, I was thinking of taking it apart and cleaning it up. I cleaned a lot of it, but one thing I couldnt understand was the bar on the top that the spring, beater, and shaft is connected to. I hope yinz know...