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  1. zakhopper316

    Please help with this pattern - performance on fri

    Please help! I'm covering this tune with my group and I'm the type of person that just likes playing note for note love it or hate it! In this song: At 2:55 when he switches to the ride and plays a straight jazz ish, is he playing the groups...
  2. zakhopper316

    New Bearing Edge Idea

    I had an idea today when I was checking out shells online, what if there was some type of material, like a thick paste of something that could be called " liquid wood" or something similar accept maybe with a name tailored to drumming that we could put on our bearing edges to fill in the space...
  3. zakhopper316

    Me drumming to Cinema

    Hey guys, new vid I just recorded and put up today. I really like the song, it has alot of different feels and I also wanted to work on some ghost strokes that could just maybeee be noticed lol. So my question is, am I being way over critical of my...
  4. zakhopper316

    Micro timing - the little things

    Hey guys so I'm sure this is common but I feel my timing needs some work. The more I progress the better my ear becomes and it makes me feel like I'll just never have completely perfect timing when playing the more difficult stuff. Here's an example - this is probably the most drastic of timing...
  5. zakhopper316

    Loefah, some purist dubstep for ya!

    Hey guys, I've done another dubstep tune and looking for some feedback. The song is called The Goat Stare and it's by an artist named Loefah I really wanted to try and keep this cover as true to the song as possible and not muddy it up with a bunch of...
  6. zakhopper316

    Are these guys making a killing or am I missing something?

    I bet drummers like Jojo and, well alot of the bigger names make a killing off of their instructional videos. Now im no media specialist or film director but i imagine that making a drum video cost next to nothing to shoot and produce. They probably don't need a real high-tech camera, and...
  7. zakhopper316

    Which forum member has been playing the longest?

    All in the title, who here has been playing the drums for the longest amount of time to date? Just wondering really, I bet it's been a longgggg time for some people here! To some of the longest playing guys, how have things changed for you through the decades? How you look at rhythm? Your style...
  8. zakhopper316

    More dubstep!! This was really hard to play clean

    Here's a dubstep cover I did of a tune by silkie. THIS WAS SUCH A HARD COVER!! I haven't played anything this hard in a While. The combination of the fast tempo, off beat hi Hat accent pattern, and crazy diddle fills every few bars made it pretty hard to grasp so there are a few sloppy parts but...
  9. zakhopper316

    LMFAO dubstep drum cover

    Here's a video of me playing a dubstep remix of party rock on the drum set. I'm getting a handle on it but it's coming very slowly, Let me know if you think it's sloppy, it comes off as sloppy to me but I can't pin point how yet.
  10. zakhopper316

    First assignment for semester, please help!!

    Hello all, Well it's that time again, college classes are Starting up and it's now my sophomore year and man did we get an odd assignment. We have to come up with 2 drum set rhythms that go with each other or contrast each other and they can't be the same style. He said they can be really close...
  11. zakhopper316

    Dave Matthews Band cover.

    Heres my Dmb cover of Space between I was jamming to pandora radio and this came on as I was recording my practice to show one of my professors how my set up was in my room last semester (was having some consistancy issues with crashing...
  12. zakhopper316

    Nostalgic moment, the notes of our century

    Yesterday I was preparing for college to start up again by getting my music books out for class and purchasing the required listening off of iTunes. 2 books we still use regularly at the Manhattan School of Music are Stick Control and Syncopation. I decided to buy an iPad 2 this summer to use...
  13. zakhopper316

    My Jack Johnson cover - Flake Not my best but I heard this song at a local bar and really fell in love with the simple 8th note snare fill used more than a few times in the song. It's a fairly simple lick on paper but requires a ton of feel to do effectively!
  14. zakhopper316

    Promo video for my upcoming solo EP Here it is, just trying to advertise a bit with this. Thanks!
  15. zakhopper316

    Need advice on promo for record labels

    Hey all, I'm in the final stretch of record my first ep for my solo project and I have an idea to send a promo video to labels before I release the cd maybe to get signed (long shot I know) its electro music tho which is a smewhat small community so its not like im aending it to sony. This is...
  16. zakhopper316

    My dubstep ish deadmau5 Cover This is my first attempt at electro club music stuff and I'm still trying to figure it out but I've been getting bored with my jazz studies and I'm really excited to dive in to the electronic genre. Any thought about playing electronic stuff? How about...
  17. zakhopper316

    hi-hat 1 hand or 2 hands?

    hey guys i have a question regarding the hi-hat pattern in this song its come on get higher by Matt Nathanson, Do you think he's playing with one hand or 2 hands? I know it doesn't make a huge difference if u have the chops but i...
  18. zakhopper316

    quick industry question.

    Hey all, long time no talk, I still attend the Manhattan school of Music and have been very busy lately but am going to try and get back on these forums because there are some very knowledgeable people on here. Anyways one thing i have been wandering about and have not been able to get an...
  19. zakhopper316

    wash riding, a music style

    So it appears the guys at Sabian gave keeping time with your crash cymbal a name and "music style" To me this video seems like the start of a marketing ploy to sell a line of "wash rides"...its nothing new really. Listen to pop rock and metal and you...
  20. zakhopper316

    art of bop question, my first student

    Hey guys, how much knowledge of jazz song structure is required to really understand the book? im teaching a student who is a good reader and has great independents but has never played/read jazz tunes before, he completed the fantastic amazing jazz drum book which has alot of different beats...