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  1. DunkirkDrums

    P-87 on a Supraphonic?

    Has anyone ever tried this combination? I was mulling over some ideas in my head and that might be an interesting combination, sound wise. I know my school has a couple extra P-87's lying around for our old drums...
  2. DunkirkDrums

    Genesis-Los Endos transcription?

    Does anyone have a little transcription of this one part in Los Endos by Genesis, that starts at around 1:30? Sounds like some crazy paradiddle work or something like that. If anyone could transcribe it, it would be a godsend!
  3. DunkirkDrums

    How many HS drumlines still use mylar?

    Ah yes, mylar. Thou art so lovely, yet abandoned in these days of kevlar and fiber weaves. Does anyone else go to a school that still uses mylar drumheads on their marching snares? Ludwig Silver Dots... So warm... So crunchy... I think I need a moment to myself...
  4. DunkirkDrums

    Numbness in Thumb While Playing?

    I was curious as to whether anyone else has had this problem before. Last night, I was playing for a prolonged period, and I started to notice that on my left hand, the top half of my thumb was numb and tingly. I normally play traditional grip, and I play marching snare with those big Ralph...
  5. DunkirkDrums

    Michael Giles Drum Sound.

    Hey everyone! It's my first post here, so I thought I'd bring up something that's been bugging me for a while. Does anyone know what Michael Giles' set up was on that first King Crimson record? Like the brands and sizes he used for cymbals and drums. Given the time, I'd guess Ludwig and Paiste...