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  1. Salt7900

    The end of a classic

    This may have been posted somewhere else - I'm glad that drums are something that last forever. I love my brady snare, and I wish the Brady family all of the best
  2. Salt7900

    Hanging Heads

    So, I love the Brady that've been playing. I really liked the heads that came on it from a graphics standpoint. Something about the little marching boy. I wanted to do something with them (other then play them) and put them on a wall. Even though I don't plan on playing them again, I didn't...
  3. Salt7900

    When you go to a drum store...

    It doesn't end well. For the wallet. My ears are very happy. I've been looking for a really workhorse snare in the last few months (as I've started playing out again..) and thought I would get what I really wanted, (Buy once cry once)... I was pretty confident in what I wanted going in, but...
  4. Salt7900


    has anyone used one? is it any good?