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  1. jansara

    Hi everyone, i want to discuss with you about a drumming thing: find the work and a professional carrer with a band maybe

    There once was a time when you could make a living if you could play many styles and play them well. Those days are long gone, probably never to return. However, if you want to bypass "amateurs" and break into "professional projects", it's not what you know, it's who you know. That applies...
  2. jansara

    Professional Habits that Should be a Part of Every Amateur/Semi-Pro Band

    Pro is more than just set lists, it's all about mental attitude and discipline. You're not in a bar or saloon. You're performing a top-flight show at Carnegie Hall or the Lincoln Center. Doesn't matter what it is that you're playing.
  3. jansara

    Stop keeping time on ride and hi-hats

    Free Jazz. No timekeeping needed. Go bananas.
  4. jansara

    "Are you any good?"

    Been there. The straight answer is "yes". There's no shame in knowing what you are.
  5. jansara

    New drummer with no musical talent what so ever.

    You "have no musical talent whatsoever" and you want to play drums. From what I've seen, that hasn't stopped thousands of hackers from debasing the instrument. Go for it. You'll be in good company.
  6. jansara

    State your unpopular drumming opinions

    Excessive cymbal crashing has become normalized. It's obnoxious. Crashing after every fill is both obnoxious and amateur. If you have to do it to mark the "one", you have poor taste and a poor sense of time. Drum demo vids with the same dull, basic rock beat are boring as hell. So are the...
  7. jansara

    A simple lesson that we can ALL learn from..................

    I came up in an era when there was good gear and bad gear. There is no bad gear anymore. I cut my teeth on bad gear that I learned how to get a sound out of. There was no internet or YouTube from which to get fast answers. I have a recording I did on MIJ Stewarts. They sound killer. Most...
  8. jansara

    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    Squeezing a rubber ball is good for developing your wrists. Right. If you want to get really good at squeezing rubber balls.
  9. jansara

    Do you ever hate your own drumming?

    If you think your playing stinks, it probably does. ~Bernard Rich
  10. jansara

    I just need to get this off my chest.

    Three things that don't get loaned out - my drums, the pool stick, and the car.
  11. jansara

    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    Back in the day, I had a 15 yr-old beginner student whose wealthy parents sprung for maxed out stop-sign Gretsch Rosewoods and A's. After a couple of months, he told me he had zero interest in drums. I told his mother he was wasting their money on lessons. The drums ended up hanging on the...
  12. jansara

    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    Many "pros" I've seen don't need pro kits.
  13. jansara

    The Lowly Pillow - How I Have Neglected Thee . . . .

    Pillows, paint cans, bowling balls, laundry, blankets and sand bags are yesterday's news. Go organic. 26" bass drums with large, clay, filled flower pots are where it's at. Add fertilizer if you're into funk. Trust me.
  14. jansara

    How and why do drummers elevate the front of the bass drum head off the floor?

    This started a long time ago, had nothing to do with beater pedal/beater angle. The theory was that the drum would resonate more with less of the drum in contact with the floor. You either bought into that, or you didn't.
  15. jansara

    Spell check

    No need to loose you're mind over this.