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  1. Hallintakeino

    New video up!

    Hello there Drummerworld! Just wanted to share video I uploaded last week. This is my attempt to cover ''Tooth and Claw'' from Animals as Leaders. Cheers!
  2. Hallintakeino

    Youtube Channel

    Hello Drummerworld! I've been uploading drum videos on youtube for a while now, and finally got some guts to post them here. I really enjoy doing these videos and have had great times while recording! All kinds of feedback is more than welcome :) Here's some of my videos: Textures - Reaching...
  3. Hallintakeino

    Here's my Youtube channel. Mostly metal stuff. Check it out!

    Yo! I'm new here, and glad I found this site! I have had Youtube channel for about a year now. I upload videos couple times a week. I hope you to give me some feedback!