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  1. drummerfluff

    Pearl Masters Link Help

    I need to order a floor tom for a Pearl Masters MCX with black chrome hardware. Most of the standard online music shops I've looked at only have it available with chrome hardware. Can anyone provide a link where I can order the tom w/black chrome? or am I going to have to special order this...
  2. drummerfluff

    Intermediate to Professional

    Ok, I've been asked to clarify something and I think I've done a pretty good job but would like some input... Someone asked me what the difference is between intermediate and professional level drums. Of course, I stated the obvious (construction, material, etc.) but where the discussion...
  3. drummerfluff

    Yamaha Tour Custom

    I've never played a Yamaha kit before and have found what I believe is a pretty good deal on a set of Tour Customs. Can anyone out there give me a review and comparison to Pearl, Tama, or DW? Thanks!
  4. drummerfluff

    Die-Cast Hoops

    I've read several of older threads on this subject but couldn't find one with a link to a vendor selling replacement hoops. I've been able to find replacements for the snare, but no others. Does anyone have a link they can share for a retailer who offers replacement die-cast hoops in...
  5. drummerfluff

    Trick Drums

    Lots of threads on lots of different drum manufacturers out there but I haven't seen anything on Trick drums. I'd like to get some feedback on the drums and hardware, preferably the drums, from those who use Trick equipment. While I don't want to discourage dialogue, I'm not really looking...
  6. drummerfluff

    Flaking on Coated Emporer Heads

    For years I've played Evans heads, but I notice a fair amount of professionals use Remo. I put a coated Emporer on my snare drum for comparison and the coating began flaking immediately (after one show there is a spot about the size of a pea where the coating is gone). Is this a problem with...