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    Ludwig Black beauty (rust issue)

    Bought a black beauty about a week ago from someone in Florida. Got a deal and it came with a case. Not complaining. As stated in the listing, it has a little bit of rust on the rims (which are currently soaking in soda) but there's also some rust (or pitting) on the shell itself. It's not...
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    Snare drum on the Sound City movie??

    Looks like this thread may actually fit better in the gear discussion section. Would a moderator be so kind as to move it there. Sorry for the poor judgement on where to post this... So I recently watched the Sound City movie and first it's great. Definitely worth an hour and a half of your...
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    Vintage Slingerland 7x14 (type of wood)?

    Recently picked up a vintage Slingerland snare. It looks to me to be a 7x14 3 ply mahogany but wanted to ask around to be sure. Also, does anyone have a good idea of what year this was made? From what I've found the badge indicates mid-late 50's.
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    Fixed dreaded tube lug spin!

    This may have been discussed somewhere in the threads already but I couldn't find a thread so I figured I'd start one. Have you ever had the dreaded tube lug spin? You know, when you turn the tension rod and the lug spins with it! It's so frustrating! I too have had the dreaded tube lug spin...
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    ludwig supraphonic bronze seamless shell or not?

    Is the US made ludwig bronze supraphonic a seamless shell? I ask because nearly every snare on their site makes a point to say they are made out of a spun seamless shell, however, they do not say this in the description of their bronze snares?
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    Has Ludwig ever made a smooth brass Supra?

    Has ludwig ever made a smooth brass supraphonic shell in a natural brass coloring (not cob or black beauty). I know they produce a hammered brass as you can see on their website but what about a smooth brass? I'm not talking about the rocker lm304 either; I am talking imperial lugs, p85...