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  1. JSdrums

    '79 Supraphonic Restoration...check it out!

    Before After I got this drum for a good price as it was badly pitted. I stripped it of its parts, polished up the chrome and sent the shell over to my dad's auto body shop to have it painted GM "Dark Sprial Grey". This pic doesn't really do the finish justice! After sanding the shell, an...
  2. JSdrums

    Ludwig Gig Lite Questions

    I just got a good deal on a Ludwig Gig Lite with hard cases. I have a couple of questions and just looking for some general feedback (positive/negative) on it. 1. So far, it doesnt seem very stable. Any tips on fixing this? 2. I can't find too much info on this kit as it is discontiuned. Was...
  3. JSdrums

    Big sticks

    I like using big sticks (2B) when playing softly. I seem to get better results. I've seen Jon Fishman and that's how he seems to play so dynamically and effortlessly. The sticks sorta do all the work and you just have to "control" them. Anyone else?
  4. JSdrums

    Tube lugs for Supraphonic

    anyone know where I can get a set of 10 tube lugs for a 5x14" Supraphonic? I'd like to get Ludwig ones of possible. Thanks!
  5. JSdrums

    Vistalite paint removal?

    Hey, I've acquired a clear blue Ludwig Vistalite kit that some knucklehead has painted black on the inside. It looks decent, just black, not trasparent. Anyone know how to strip the paint off without harming the acrylic shells? I may just start with the 6.5 x 14 snare due to its small size...
  6. JSdrums

    Vintage Zildjian 18" Ping??

    Hey, I stumbled upon a vintage A. Zildjian. It has "18" stamped in black ink towards the egde and the word "PING" in block lettering near the bell (taller print than usual Zildjians). It does *not* have the "triangle" of dots in the "U shape" part of the stamp. It also doesn't have any print...
  7. JSdrums

    Tosco Cymbals

    anyone hear of or use Tosco cymbals? I work for a music retailer and we got an 18" Impact Crash in yesterday, in a bag saying "Made in Canada". The new stamp is a double Sabian type stamp (2 halves of a cymbal making 1 whole with "TOSCO" in the middle. Anyway, I tried it out and it really...
  8. JSdrums

    making a drum demo

    I am currently a bit fustrated with my current band. Until the end of the summer I am fortunate enough to have some studio time for next to nothing AND access to some really great musicians to record with. I'd like to put together some kind of "demo" disc of my playing in order to get around a...
  9. JSdrums

    Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner

    Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner is a great book for musicians! It's written by a jazz pianist, but is helpful toward any player of any instrument. Anyone?
  10. JSdrums

    Daddy's Junky Music

    Daddy's Junky Music stores...thoughts, good/bad experiences?? anyone??
  11. JSdrums

    Rogers Londoner 9/72 kit in Black Strata

    I may have the opportunity to purchase a pre-CBS Rogers Lononder kit in Black Strata finish (same as Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl "Ringo"). It's 4 drums 12, 13, 16, 22 no snare. It's in very good condition EXCEPT for missing original bass drum hoops and a few of the tom rims aren't orginal either...