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    Angel Drums in legal battle

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I have got an Ash snare from the company and it is absolutely beautiful. Then this happened: Dear Friends and Followers of Angel Drums! My name is Zoltan Angyal, the founder and chief craftsman of Angel Drums, the company that proudly bears my name and has come to...
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    Help pricing this snare

    Hey guys!Happy holidays to all. What do you recon i could get for a Tama Starclassic Limited Edition Select Exotix 5.5" x 14" snare - Satin Walnut. The snare is brand new with all the tags in place. Never been played.
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    Custom paint job on my snare

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I've got a question to you drumbuilders out there if i may. I own a steambent maple snare with a barely touched finish on it (basically a naked version) which i would like to apply a custom paint job to. Since it's a UK made snare i am thinking of giving it a true UK...
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    Gretsch hammered copper 13x6

    Hey guys! Hope all is well. Well i am a bit of a sucker for the 13" snare as it turns out and this one really grabbed my attention. Not too much info or firsthand reviews experiences out there in the wild except for 2 or 3 videos on youtube. So has anyone of you played one, owned one or had any...
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    murat diril pricing

    Hey there! Hope all is well. So i have recently been looking into expanding my cymbal setup and came across murat diril cymbal. I am in particular fond of the arena series. Check them out if you haven't yet. I am in the market for a 19 or 20 crash and right now cymbal house has got meinl vintage...
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    Crash suggestion

    hey guys!hope all is well. i am in the market for a new crash to compliment my setup. i currently play 18 meinl vintage sand thin and a 16 turkish kurak. looking for options of 18 inches and up that would blend in well. i am no hard hitter so i usually stay away from heavy cymbals. it needs to...
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    Namm Moscow experience

    hey guys, hope all is well. i have seen namm shows on youtube so many times and was so excited that one was gonna be held down here in Moscow. so i went and holy crap that was pathetic!!! one spot was displaying ddrum with no rep to be seen around. another spot was selling vic firth drum sticks...
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    Premier LTD solid maple snare

    hey guys hope all is well. what do you think about this snare? any experience/thoughts are much appreciated. p.s. there was a problem with the website when trying to write this post so it appears as a double. hopefully the mods fix it. apologies for...
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    Choice between yamaha and mapex snare

    hey guys, hope all is well. i am torn between 2 snare drums: -yamaha 13x6.5 maple in amber burst -mapex 13x7 blaster both sound awesome. unfortunately i dont have a chance to test them in person so i have to rely on the demos i see and hear around. your help would be much appreciated. which of...
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    tama aluminium vs gretsch aluminium

    Hey guys hope all is well. Searched the forum but no luck. I am in the market for an aluminium snare. Narrowed it down to 2 choices. Gretsch aluminium 14x5 cast - the one mike johnston plays. Tama starphonic aluminium 14x6. Money is not an issue.but it's hard to decide. None of The drums is...
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    Help with custom snare needed.

    Hey there everyone.Hope all is well. Well i've been reading up the forum for some time now but now i am a proud member so thanks for having me. I've got a bit of dilemma on my hands.I would like a custom snare made for me from scratch and leaving all the rest of the details out I'd like to ask...