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  1. heroisthee


    I resently came across stagg cymbals. i was thinking about getting a small endorcement by them. Are they descent???
  2. heroisthee

    free stuff anyone???

    jk do you have any mapex hardware they need to get rid of??? anything from stands to pedels... anything mapex..
  3. heroisthee


    what kind of software do i need to use in order to prorgam samples on my alesis preformance pad?? i need thiss
  4. heroisthee

    cymbals and hardware

    im looking for some cheap zildjians or meinl cymbals and i mean cheap. also i need mapex hardware for my pro m set. anyone??
  5. heroisthee

    zildjian or meinl

    Im shopping for new 18in and 20in cymbals. Im chosing between Zildjian Custom Z hybrids or AA Mienl Byzance brilliant. suggestions????
  6. heroisthee

    Alesis Preformance pad

    How can i program a 808, or a bass drop, or a boom, sample from a sample on a mac to the pad? I have the sample on my Mac but im having trouble converting it the the pad so i can play it live.