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  1. Bonzo_CR

    Grip issue

    Here are two suggestions, both of which have worked well for me: 1. Stick wax (either Sex Wax or Zildjian stick wax) 2. Promark now make a range of sticks with a clear 'Active Grip' which is surprisingly good.
  2. Bonzo_CR

    Cover forever in a daze

    Nice playing Joaz! Sounds great
  3. Bonzo_CR

    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    I would suggest you try a coated Emperor on top, with the stock reso. FWIW, When I first got my Supra I was a little overwhelmed by the overtones, as I had been using wood snares for years. I actually took a while to get used to it. I think the CS dot head might be making it 'worse' - it may...
  4. Bonzo_CR

    light weight drum kit

    I had a Pearl Masters Custom for many years. They are thin shelled drums, and actually not that heavy IMO. What I mean is, to go significantly lighter you would have to choose smaller drums. If that's what you want to do, then there are more choices than ever, such as Sonor Safari, or...
  5. Bonzo_CR

    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    Tama Soundworks 12"x 5" (or 5.5", I forget) is nice. I have gigged it as a main snare:
  6. Bonzo_CR

    Drums or cymbals?

    Cymbals for me. Then snares. Then the kick. Um, then the rest!
  7. Bonzo_CR

    LM402 ring

    Try a coated Emperor on it. It makes all the difference.
  8. Bonzo_CR

    Mounted vs virgin kick

    I bought a kit with an undrilled kick about 20 years and it was really nice. Finally sold it last year (not because of the kick, but because it had power toms and I wanted to go back to normal depth toms). Honestly I thought it was always a bit of a faff trying to get the toms in the right...
  9. Bonzo_CR

    20” Maple Custom bass drum sounds like a bop kick

    I agree, double-ply batter is probably the way to go. I had a PS3 on my 20" birch kick and it sounded a bit thin compared to my 22" maple. I tried a Super Kick II and it sounded much thicker and deeper. I thought the SKII might be overkill on the 20", but it sounds great. IIRC, I tuned the...
  10. Bonzo_CR

    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    +1 to that. I have a P902 that I've played almost every day for 6 years. Still rock solid, and a bargain.
  11. Bonzo_CR

    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Mmm, they're all nice. I expected to like the WMP best. But based on the pics it's a tie between the natural and the gold sparkle for me! Have fun choosing.
  12. Bonzo_CR

    Neil Peart Tribute (What songs did you play today?)

    Spirit of Radio. Once when I was 16, my parents went away for a weekend. I set up my drums in the living room, turned up 'Permanent Waves' on their stereo, and had the time of my life! In my basement yesterday, I did it one more time. Thank you Neil.
  13. Bonzo_CR

    "Are you any good?"

    I think when people ask 'are you any good?' it suggests they are not a musician. If the person is a musician, they would usually find another way to ask, like 'are you gigging' or 'what sort of music do you play' etc, and explore the conversation that way. Also it's a more interesting...
  14. Bonzo_CR

    Tom Mounted On Cymbal Stand-Sympathetic Ring

    Sounds like it's related to resonant frequencies. Could you try the tom on another stand (if you have one) that has a different mass and hence different resonant frequency?
  15. Bonzo_CR

    How should I describe my playing to get more responses on CL ads for drumming?

    Lots of good advice above :-) I prefer to answer a 'drummer wanted' ad than to put out a 'drummer available' ad. When answering the ad, I just say 'I'm a drummer, I like xxxxx styles of music, I have lots of experience and I'm based in xxxx; are you still looking?'. That often gets a response...
  16. Bonzo_CR

    What's your latest purchase?

    Nice! I had one just like that in the 90's. TF hoops and all. It sounded great. Enjoy it!
  17. Bonzo_CR

    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    I like the current ProMark 5A, it is a little lighter than other 5A's and I prefer that. The Active Grip is also very effective.
  18. Bonzo_CR

    Put your weird tendencies here

    When I use my double bass pedal, I set up the left (slave) pedal to the left of the hihat pedal, not to the right. Weird? Maybe, but I prefer the HH closer.
  19. Bonzo_CR

    Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Appreciation Thread

    I have a 20" K Sweet Crash, and a 21" K Sweet Ride. I feel like I could take just those two (plus hats) to any gig and they would perform well. They're both great all-rounders. The 20" Crash is a thing of beauty. It works as a crash and a light ride. When crashed it opens up easily, but...
  20. Bonzo_CR

    That notorious Ludwig Acrolite throw off let me down last night

    I have a snare drum (not this one) that used to lose tension as the knob slowly unscrewed. It was cured in 5 minutes by putting a little threadlock (Loctite 243, if you're interested) on the thread. It still adjusts just fine, but it doesn't slip any more even after many gigs since then...