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  1. Bokatron

    Friday nights acoustic gig

    Well the gig went well Friday night and as promised heres the videos. It was a pretty relaxed one for me but i really enjoyed it, i spent the recent weeks playing with brushes but this is the first gig ive done with them, look forward to using them more in the future. A friend of ours got...
  2. Bokatron

    Acoustic gig, your thoughts

    Hey all, Tomorrow night me and my band are doing an acoustic set, this is the first time we have all done an acoustic thing. Really looking forward to it because its our favourite place in town and they havent held any live music nights in over ten years so we know its set to be a good one...
  3. Bokatron

    Providing drums at a gig

    Hey all, got my first gig next week on Friday the 13th. Being my first gig im a little unexperienced in the scene of things. Our friends band who are headliners got us the slot but the venue doesnt have a house kit so someone had to offer their own, i gladly offered as id prefer to use my own...
  4. Bokatron


    Hey all, At the moment im upgrading all my cymbals, started with hi hats which ive now sorted (sabian aax stage hats 14") Now i fancy a new ride. I dont want to go too cheap, i want quality and durability. Got a love for Sabian for some reason but i really am liking the sound of this ride. Has...