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    Which snare would you choose?

    If you could choose between these two snare drums, which would you choose and why? 1. a 6.5x14 Ludwig Smooth Bronze Supraphonic > (the drumming starts at the :56 second mark) or 2. a 7x14 Canopus 7-ply Wenge >...
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    Murat Diril Black Sea crash

    Murat Diril Black Sea crash review Hello, I bought an 18" Murat Diril Black Sea crash a couple of months ago, and I thought I'd post a review now that I've spent a bunch of time playing it. First of all, I love it. It's a very cool cymbal. It's heavily-hammered, unlathed, with a very...
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    Program like TabTrax for Mac?

    Hello, If anyone here is familiar with the program TabTrax, is there a similar program for Macs? The thing I like about TabTrax is the ability to click on a drum or cymbal on a virtual set, and then have the notation appear above. Then you can play back the rhythm. Is there another program...
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    Yamaha YESS mount confusion

    Hello, I have a Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage kit. I just scored a 14" tom off of ebay to add to my current set-up of a 12, 13, and 16. Right now, the 12 and 13's are mounted to the kick drum with the YESS system. I'm planning on putting the 13 and 14 there, and attaching the 12 to a cymbal...
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    Drumnetics conversion

    Hi, So I took the plunge and sent my Yamaha pedal to Michael at Drumnetics and had him convert it. And it's awesome! He retrofitted my pedal so that it has magnets that provide the resistance and repulsion that the spring usually takes care of. Plus, he took off the double-chain, and...