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  1. sam132

    Pain where legs meet hips during double pedaling

    Hey guys, Whenever I practice the double pedal at any fair speed, I seem to feel muscle pain at the place where the top of my legs meet my hips. Does anyone else get this? Or do i just need to practice more?! Sam
  2. sam132

    Buying a cowbell this afternoon - which one!?

    Hey, Gonna head over to a local store, in an hour or so, no nothing about cowbells so gonna try em all out, any recommendations? I just they sound cool! Sam
  3. sam132

    Help with playing triplets!

    Hi, As some of you, may already know I recently purchased "Stick control" but having not played from notation for a while, i'm looking for some clarification. I'm playing from p8, number 4. Or: Do I simply play the triplet sets (LRL RLR) continuously or do I leave a space between them...
  4. sam132

    But which one! Stick control/The new breed/4-way coordination

    Dear drummers, I'm looking to improve my overall technique and speed. And all the following three books have received excellent positive reviews, which leads me to being indecisive, in terms of which one I should buy, so I put it to you! Have you had any positive outcomes of using the...
  5. sam132

    Why is it the fashion to remove your low tom, and replace with a ride?

    Hey, Why is it the fashion to remove your low tom, and replace with a ride? Most live bands I see do this? Why? Is it simply a case of "following the crowd?" Sam
  6. sam132

    Question for drummers with fast single stroke fills!

    Hey Drummer world! Long time no post....! I have been playing the drums on and off now for 11 years now, but can't get fast single strokes down, I want to be able to play fast fills around the know they sound good! Partly due to the fact that I only ever practice playing them as...