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    new demo

    needs some work, I know. Let me know what you think.
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    Show us your Largest Venue!

    Heinz Field, Pittsburgh. Every Saturday Does marching band count?
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    A great GC trip

    My local GC had a used 24" K light ride, and since I've been wanting this cymbal for quite a while, but couldn't shell out upwards of $400, I figured I'd trade in my current ride (20" paiste signature full). Also, I'd been using two 16" K crashes as hihats off to my right that I don't utilize...
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    my new improv (jazz?) project

    Hey guys, So I just threw a few scratch tracks my band made up on to myspace. We just started playing together about a month or so ago and this is what we came up with. It's my first real foray into improvisational music so please excuse the sub par drumming. Feedback please! Thanks...
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    Obed Calvaire

    I don't know how this guy isn't more well known. He's the current drummer for Sean Jones. Super musical, super groovy, super NASTY! Check it out:
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    too much?

    I use 2 crashes, both 16" K's, one med/thin and the other thin. I was looking for a bigger crash, anywhere from 18" to 20" that's nice and dark and mysterious. I was thinking maybe an 18" Constantinople. Now I'm thinking of going crazy. I just got the 20" Paiste signature full ride and that has...
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    Pedal Problem

    Ok, so I'm setting up my drums for a show the other night and I attach the pedal (DW 9000) and give it a few test kicks. All I hear is "click click click." Basically, the foot board was making contact with the base plate, not good. I adjusted the board height back towards me and that fixed the...
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    music in cities not named New York or LA

    I'm having a little trouble here. I just moved back home to beautiful/sunny Pittsburgh Pa. The past four years I've been living and gigging in NYC where I also studied at The Collective. For financial reasons I moved home. I'm trying to get into the music scene here in Pittsburgh, but I'm slowly...
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    paiste sig full

    I just wanted to let you know about my cymbal buy tonight. I wanted to replace my ride, 20" AAX stage, with something a little darker with a good bit of wash. Went to GC with a budget of around $300. They had a used 20" Paiste signature full ride, mint condition; clean, no key-holing whatsoever...