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    Jeff Porcaro picture

    Hi guys, For my home studio I am looking for a high resolution version of the attached picture. I found this one on the MikeDolbear website, have already sent them an email but no response yet. Thank you all :-)
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    Brady or Noonan?

    Hi guys! I am looking for some advice here. I have a 14x6,5" Brady block share which I really love. I would like to add a 12x7" block snare, but they are hard to find. I know that Brady does make some drums again (in a small scale) and that they have a reservations list. Unfortunately, they do...
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    New Benny Greb signature snare..?

    It certainly looks that way! Check out the smileys Benny uses in the video description ;-) Looks like a 13x5,75" alu snare with the new dual glide strainer (his current signature snare is equipped with the old Sonor strainer)...