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    DW pitched drums

    Back when DW only had one line of drums, and there high end drums today come with a pitch stamped inside. I own a set. it's organized like this Kick G# Snare C 8 F# 10 A 12 Eb 14 C# Waiting on addition, 16 G, will show up any day. If I use DW heads, then I tune the top and bottom to that pitch...
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    20" Ride, 2017

    Hello All. I don't post here often but decided this was best asked here vs. V-drums or Gearslutz. I would like the best large format ride I can find for my E-drum kit. Here is my Ride trigger history: Started w/ a CY15R Then switched to a Visulite 21" 3 zone (no position sensing, more...