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  1. ddocimo


    Thinking about buying Remo Ebony Pinstripe heads. Good idea? Bad idea?
  2. ddocimo


    I'm looking for lightweight beaters that still pack a punch. I want to switch from Gibraltar Self Aligning beaters, and I could use some help.
  3. ddocimo

    bass punch

    havingtrouble gettingthe punch back in my bassdrum. could it be the beaters? who wants to be a nice guy and help me?
  4. ddocimo

    Heavy drummer switches to jazz: What sticks should i use?

    I've always been a heavy player, but i just joined my buddy's jazz quintet. What sticks should i use (keep in mind i have "A Custom" cymbals)
  5. ddocimo

    sponsorship mythbusting

    is sponsorship really all about the band or does talent itself give you a good shot at a deal?