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  1. harryconway

    Are mahogany/poplar shells versatile?

    I will ask what mahogany/poplar shell are you referring to? If you're talking about 60's era 3 ply (or 5 ply) w/reinforcement ring shell .... I'd say no. Think Ludwig, Rodgers, Slingerland. Once you get past '76-'78 ..... the straight shell became the norm. And a switch from mahogany to...
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    Welcome to Drummerworld.
  3. harryconway

    Room in a room build

    Ambitious project for sure. Looking forward to following your progress.
  4. harryconway

    Do you like wildflowers???

    I'm going to the coast !!!
  5. harryconway

    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    Tama's OG. The 6740 pedal (Hi Beat). Yamaha had the height adjust feature on their FP910. The new Tama Classic is a melding of the two.
  6. harryconway

    My kits

    Wow .... double 26's. Nice. I run a Fiberskyn reso. on my 26 (Ludwig 3 ply) too. I really like the DW Design series. The smaller lug ..... probably the only DW kit I'd buy. And those Meinl's are sweet !!! Welcome to Drummerworld.
  7. harryconway

    Chain to direct drive conversion, with a possible twist

    ACD makes a DD conversion for the Iron Cobra. Maybe, since you have both, you'll be able to figure out if it will fit the Camco by Tama.
  8. harryconway

    Zildjian New Beats

    If you like the Meinl's better, go with the Meinl's. Maybe later .... you'll still never like the New Beats.
  9. harryconway

    Need advice on kit purchase

    Not a bad choice. Light years better than my first kit. Post some pictures if you can.
  10. harryconway

    Need Help Identifying and Pricing a Ludwig Bop Kit, probably 1972

    Good eyes, Bermuda. Here's a photo of a Walnut Cortex kit. So .... a veneer (essentially re-wrap) on a kit, is gonna de-value it ..... by a lot. Still ..... what a wonderful "players" kit. I'll adjust my value guess to $1500.
  11. harryconway

    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    Ah .... you found the beauty beneath the Duco finish. On those mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells .... you can wrap them, but you can't paint them. So Ludwig went with a maple outer ply for the Duco drums. I sanded a 12x8 and a 14x14 (both had chipped and peeling Duco finishes) to get clear...
  12. harryconway

    Need Help Identifying and Pricing a Ludwig Bop Kit, probably 1972

    That's a Jazzette. Walnut cortex. Bass drum should be 18x12. Usually the bass drum hoops are inlaid, so those might have been swapped out .... or special ordered without the inlay. Maple/poplar/maple shell. Looks in good shape. Plenty of the 20, 12, 14 combo's out there .... but that 18...
  13. harryconway

    Trying to identify an old Mapex

    Here's a bass drum on eBay that would make a good parts donor .....!91105!US!-1
  14. harryconway

    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    Fortunately my wife knew the job was dangerous before she married me !!! Not gigging at all any more. Did that for several decades. Currently have a music project with another drummer/percussionist .... and I have a few musicians that come over to the house (once in a while to jam). Have...
  15. harryconway

    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    As far as current drum kits .... Vintage Ludwig 3 ply 26, 14, 16, 18 Vintage Gretsch Round Badge 20, 13, 16 Yamaha 9000 series ('78/'79 split lug) 18, 12, 16 Yamaha Manu Katche Jr. 16, 10, 13 Rmv 22, 8, 10, 12, 14 RMV 18, 12, 14 Tama Royalstar 22, 12, 13, 16 plus a number of orphans ..... in...
  16. harryconway

    Electronic instrument simulators

    Something you don't see too often.
  17. harryconway

    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    Man, that's pretty. From what info. I've gathered ..... 7000 and 9000 series came out in '78. Yamaha experimented with wood combo's with the 7000 series. '78/'79 Camellia/Phil.Mahog. '80 Birch/Phil.Mahog. '81 on Agathis/Phil.Mahog. The 8000 series got the 9000 series split lug when...
  18. harryconway

    Appraisal and Price Check on Yamaha Recording Customs, late 1990s

    Yes. I think it's a bit high. There's a 22, 10, 12, 14, 16 on eBay right now, for (US) $1850 + $125 shipping. I think $1500-$1600 (US) would be fair.
  19. harryconway

    Two rides?

    Yes, wonderful. The 21" was the first one I got. And the only one under $200. Then I got the hats. And after playing that combo. together I added (had to, I was sold) the 18", the 16", and the 20". in that order.
  20. harryconway

    Need help with choosing my first acoustic drumkit

    Still ..... whatever money you save between the two, you can put towards getting better hi-hats or a ride cymbal.