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    My Ludwig Mod Orange Classic Maple Kit

    I feel like showing them off, so here it is! 13/16/22, snare is a Tama Soundworks Maple 6.5x14, cymbals are Zildjian A Avedis 14/18/21 or 15/19/22 depending on my ears, Pearl 830 hardware and a Yamaha direct drive pedal.
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    12 track mixer for PA

    Hi Guys, not sure where to post this, but here goes. Our band is starting to play some shows where we are responsible for bringing the PA and running sound. We’ve decided to go with a passive mixer and powered speakers. We don’t need too much, 4 mics in, basic eq’ing and no effects. I won’t be...
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    Ludwig Spurs

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a classic maple set in Mod Orange. I’m having trouble extracting one of the spurs. On my pearls it’s rather easy, but with these it feels like they are held in by a vacuum. I did loosen the nut, so it’s not that. One side came out with a bit of force, but the other...
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    Ludwig Mod Orange

    Hi all, would anybody know if the current production is limited or full production?