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  1. MrInsanePolack

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    You like symphonic and classical music, listen to Death's Human album in order. The songs are written like different movements and the whole album flows really well. The song writing and musicianship is phenomenal. You probably won't like the growling.
  2. MrInsanePolack

    The more I progress, the less it matters.

    I just get pickier. The way everything feels, the gears painstakingly perfect positioning, drum sizes, socks only (no shoes), stick everything, it all comes back to feel and comfort. I've spent so much time getting everything just right that I don't want to play anything else.
  3. MrInsanePolack

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    I'll second these. And I will also add: Death - Human Megadeth - Rust in Peace, Peace Sells...But Whose Buying? Slayer - Reign in Blood NWA - Straight Outta Compton Lots of greatest hits and live albums too, but those don't count in my eyes.
  4. MrInsanePolack

    Faded/yellowed finishes

    Oh yes it's beautiful. Watch some Wheel and you will see it. One day, one day...
  5. MrInsanePolack

    Faded/yellowed finishes

    Green sparkle for me. The color is 'Wheel of Fortune Million Dollar Space" green. It's a beautiful sparkle. I have a yellowed white kit. It's gross. It will eventually be rewrapped black. I thought about the whitening treatment, but if I rewrap it black it will match my other kit.
  6. MrInsanePolack

    How loud to play in medium sized gigs.

    Hadn't thought about this, and am kinda surprised. Being a metal guy, my volume was just as important. All of it. Meaning, everything was loud. Snare, kicks (especially), toms, and cymbals. Everything was pretty much an equal. The volume was 11 across the board. If I was loud, the crowd got on.
  7. MrInsanePolack

    Looking for a Pingy Ride

    If all you want is ping, Sabian Pro ride. All it does is ping. Bell, ping. Bow, ping. Edge, ping. Wash? Nope, ping ping ping. Throw it down a flight of stairs, ping ping ping ping ping. It only pings, but it does it well.
  8. MrInsanePolack

    How loud to play in medium sized gigs.

    If the guitar players aren't turning up, you are either too quiet or just right. It's a snarky answer with some truth. If they are turning up, you are too loud. Watch the crowd. If they are enjoying themselves you are fine. If they cringe when you hit the snare, too loud. If you can hear them...
  9. MrInsanePolack

    Proper Music

    Whenever I see pictures of myself up to 5 years old, it horrifies me to think that my mom actually chose those ridiculous looking threads for me to wear. I think those people need to be issued tickets for indecent exposure. I wonder how many pants saggers realize that saggy pants is prison...
  10. MrInsanePolack

    If you had to learn drums all over again what would you do differently?

    Nothing. I'm currently happy with my present state as a drummer, and the journey I took for me to get to this point. Sure, there are things I wish I had learned earlier. No changing that though. It's just like anything, hindsight is 20/20. No point in worrying about it, going forward is the only...
  11. MrInsanePolack

    Hi everyone, i want to discuss with you about a drumming thing: find the work and a professional carrer with a band maybe

    Sounds like you are in the perfect position. No metal bands in Italy? Start one! That's how you get noticed, do something no one else in your area is doing. If you make enough noise, people will start to notice. I'm a metal drummer in the US. Even though we probably have more metal bands per...
  12. MrInsanePolack

    List your equipment failures

    Indoor/outdoor. There was a giant ramp outside, and two inside. Unfortunately it's now gone. No equipment failures when we played there, just good times.
  13. MrInsanePolack

    Chain to direct drive conversion, with a possible twist

    I've been thinking of doing this to my Pearl p902. Drum factory direct has what I need. For the Camco pedal, get a micrometer and measure the hexagonal crossbar that the cam attaches to. Now go measure every DD crossbar you can. If you find a match, the top part is easy. The footplate...
  14. MrInsanePolack

    List your equipment failures

    Another skate park guy here. It was always after-hours. The park doubled as an all ages venue. Anyways we would set up on the top of the ramp, and the mosh pit would run up and down the ramp. It was nuts. You could really feel the ramp moving as they did. I would be playing, some random dude...
  15. MrInsanePolack

    Proper Music

    70s music is great. Lots of really upbeat, happy music. I don't really see how people, especially drummers, don't like disco. It has tons of hooky beats and grooves. People like to dance to it. That screams drummer to me. The clothes are horrid. Stuff of nightmares.
  16. MrInsanePolack

    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    Taye drums are good. I don't think you would be getting the cymbals or hardware though. No mention of those. $200 for just the kit is a good deal though.
  17. MrInsanePolack

    Electronic instrument simulators

    Haha my keyboard plays everything, does that count? If not, sometimes I plug it into my distortion pedal. Now that's cool, and surely it must count.
  18. MrInsanePolack

    Chattanooga woman takes up drums at age 92

    It was hot then. The poor, poor animals.
  19. MrInsanePolack

    Two rides?

    I use two. The left is pingy and the right is washy. I could switch this to two hats and one ride if I wanted, but I can't pick a ride and I really like this setup. The picture kinda sucks. I'm not a photographer.
  20. MrInsanePolack

    How to be one of the 10 richest drummer at a young age ?

    There's that! She drives a Porsche. It helps.