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    Abs and double bass

    Thanx guys fir contributions, it probably has to do with body shape a lot, i mean when you have long heavier legs and short torso you gotta employ a lot more more to get balanced, and not fall apart/tense too much, way of sitting/throne height, playing ankles/full legs etc., so many factors...
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    Abs and double bass

    Question to double bass players: It is a known fact you have to have strong core to play double bass cause of balance. Does it involve flexing/holding in your abs muscles? How can you breathe, if so? Or do you guys play vompletfly relaxed jn your core? Opinions?
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    Help with fill transcription

    😀 a rather interesting story, thanx
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    Help with fill transcription

    Also, what is a poorly tummy? In cradle he played bass, I believe he wrote most of their first two or three albums, was quite prolific for the band, he might be able to play keyboards too, though. Is he from nottingham like you?
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    Help with fill transcription

    Thanx! Yeah, some parts of the song are in 6/8, some in 4/4, so it is hard to discern the fills there, I tried to slow it down to half the tempo etc., am slowly working it out
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    Help with fill transcription

    Hi, can anyone help write out/tab the chaotic fill at 2:30 in this song: Thanx
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    convicted in life

    Can someone please explain/tab to me, how to play drum intro to Convicted in life by Sepultura? thanx
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    Need help with a fill

    Can someone help me figure out how to play the fill in this song at 3:13 - 3:15 ? It is based on some kind of triplet I believe?
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    locked ankles

    I know that some drummers play bass drum with locked ankles/full leg motion, especially metal drummers. For a few months I have been trying to make the transition from playing with a combination of leg and ankle to full leg, since I believe it gives more power, but my feet somehow cant get used...
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    how to play bass drum like this

    Hello everyone. This is my first post so please be considerate. My question is, how to play the bass drum like in around 1:28 in this video when Paul Bostaph plays the skank/thrash beat? I am interested mainly in the fact that his...