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  1. J

    PST7 Hats

    Just found a pair of heavy hi-hats for $45! Cant remember the last time I scored a bargain on anything. They sound pretty crispy, even the band noticed.
  2. J

    Eighths with no accent.

    Just been listening to Take Good Care of Yourself by the 3 degrees. Don't think I've ever heard 8ths played so this ok or does everyone play the and as an accent. My one count is always loud and the "and" is really quiet, Am I doing it wrong with too much accent? Never thght about it...
  3. J

    Playing a new genre....nice change

    Guy called me said he needs a drummer for an "Americana", rock band whatever that is. I get the tunes and its all Down By the Water, In the Meantime., Dead Flowers - that kind of stuff. Over the decades I've done the blues thing, funk thing, jazz and soul thing but never this ..."Thang"! What...
  4. J

    Click tracks?

    Just been watching a video of a hi profile pro drummer who has backed some very big stars in some very big stadiums and who says he'd be seriously in the crap if the click track stopped during a show..... I'm not a professional musician but I find this extraordinary...wonder if VC or Porcaro...
  5. J

    Detuned toms

    Just lowered the tuning on my toms and what a difference to the tone. They now sound richer and fuller with less boing!..have to say I find the tone and feel very satisfying, its almost as if the sticks are plunging into a soft pudding... Just wondering how they will sound out in the crowd.
  6. J

    Hopeless flamm addiction...

    As above really...I cant stop doing snare flamms. Singles, doubles, multiples thereof in fact most of my fills are BD/snare flamm...just wondering if anyone else has a favourite lick they use on nearly every break.