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  1. jornthedrummer

    DW wood for shells

    Id agree with that. Maybe there’s so much metal on the shell that the shell material does not matter.
  2. jornthedrummer

    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    6 pages and nobody could come up with a realistic name. decent drumming is probably an integrated part of having hit records then.
  3. jornthedrummer


    DW makes a large combination of drum designs, so I guess almost any sound is possible. However what we mostly hear live and on the internet is the shorter, duller and thuddier sound that might suit a lot of notes in gospel music or rock. That’s not my sound. I also dislike the large amount of...
  4. jornthedrummer

    From programmed original to live acoustic

    On the recording there’s a shaker that adds to the feel. This is what I’d do: 1. Play the hat single handed and accent every 2nd note, starting on 1. This gives a nice counter play to the 6/8 and quarter note main feel. Copies the shaker. This may take a while to get down. or 2. Alternate...
  5. jornthedrummer

    Why is there a lack of love for 22x18" bass drums?

    Ive got several 22x18 and don’t see an issue with them.
  6. jornthedrummer

    Meinl Foudry Reserve 18" Crash And 20" Ride for Funk

    The 18 crash is very thin and trashy. A good cymbal in my opinion. the 20 light ride is quite washy. I think you should test it to see if it can be your only ride.
  7. jornthedrummer

    Sakae in 2020

    I got an Acacia kit. 14snr, 24/13/16. It’s a great kit and the finish is flawless. I dont gig with it, so I don’t have the concerns Rattling Bone mentions above. I don’t really care where drums are made as long as it’s a good construction and finish. iPhone being the best example of that.
  8. jornthedrummer

    Sakae in 2020

    He has to, because they make his George Way shells there.
  9. jornthedrummer

    Sakae in 2020

    So they choose not to use the Japanese craftsmen that was the selling point in the first place. I think they’ll become another Crush, Ddrum, Dixon, etc. Good drums, but no point to buy them.
  10. jornthedrummer

    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Consider Gretsch Orange also. Another classic.
  11. jornthedrummer

    Heading into NAMM

    Photos of that pink Rogers set !
  12. jornthedrummer

    Benny Greb 20” sand ride vs Paiste 602 medium

    Yes the sand ride would make an excellent crash. 2nd hand I think you can do better than USD300.
  13. jornthedrummer

    Benny Greb 20” sand ride vs Paiste 602 medium

    The sand ride is much darker and drier. I got both of them.
  14. jornthedrummer

    EAD10...Pretty Killer, But...

    I agree, the ride can’t sit over the kick, unless serious mods to the playing style or a very, very quiet ride. But that’s not Yamaha’s fault, that’s how the kit sounds like with the mike in that position.
  15. jornthedrummer

    How many brands of drum gear have YOU owned?

    Kits I currently own: Yamaha recording custom Gretsch USA Custom Gretsch Purewood Oak Gretsch Purewood Hickory Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Tama Cocktail Jam Kit Sleishman George Way British Drum Company Pearl GLX PDP Concept Maple Whitney nesting kit Premier Genista Birch Premier Genista Maple...
  16. jornthedrummer

    Slick hats!

    The Purdie shuffle obviously and most other things he played. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Gadson on drums I think. Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees. Some English fella on drums. It’s supposedly a loop from another song due to the unavailability of the drummer on the recording day. But what a...
  17. jornthedrummer

    "Sweet Caroline"

    Malaysia and Denmark chiming in. The song is known, but I have never heard it covered.
  18. jornthedrummer

    All the best wishes....

    Thanks for everything Bernhard and Merry Christmas!
  19. jornthedrummer

    New EAD10 Low Volume Firmware

    For me the ride over kick position results in a ride that’s way too loud. I have to place the ride over the floor tom - this is not ideal on a 4 piece set up.
  20. jornthedrummer

    Performing songs cold

    Every week I do it. Often songs I have not played or heard before. I just make some simple charts and rehearse the songs on my own.