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  1. rebonn

    Need advice on kit purchase

    My first drum set was from Sears. Had my initials on the bass and I still have the throne. I thought then and still think it was a great first kit.
  2. rebonn

    Need advice on kit purchase

    Consider a Mapex kit. I think It's one of the best kits for the least amount of money and you'll have money leftover for hardware and cymbals.
  3. rebonn

    14" FT in the rack tom position of a 4-piece

    Mine's actually a 16 and 18 FT. Just played this weekend and it sounded great.
  4. rebonn

    Go easy on the floor toms dudes!

    I have a tendency to take things too far. Sounds good though.
  5. rebonn

    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    Just an extra pedal
  6. rebonn

    Moving on from Evans Genera Dry...

    I have Genera Dry's on my snares. I'd suggest trying the Power Stroke 3. It seems sorta similar in design and I love them on Kicks and toms.
  7. rebonn

    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    That tempo control is the most important aspect of drumming. It's the first step of the ladder that can not be skipped.
  8. rebonn

    Best drum rug?

    Wal-Mart. One was stolen and I went back and bought another one.
  9. rebonn

    List your equipment failures

    An extra bass pedal is all I bring along with an extra drum key. I've dropped drum keys in the back crack of the stage. The extra bass pedal is from a Yamaha double pedal that the slave stripped while at a gig.
  10. rebonn

    Tempo is of equal Importance to the Key

    Our band sometimes plays different songs. LOL
  11. rebonn

    Mike Mangini So Far?

    I agree 100%. I liked the music much better with Portnoy. Now it seems they just try to make things as sophisticated as they possibly can losing the good music in the process. I'm not sure it has much to do with Mangini though.
  12. rebonn

    Drumming Apps

    Songsterr is a great site. I play bass in another band It's helped me as much as any other app.
  13. rebonn

    Soundbrenner Pulse

    I looked into this before getting a Peterson Body Beat that just plugs into my phone running Pro Metronome. I never tried it but I thought maybe your wrist flying around hitting drums wasn't the best location for a device like this. I figured attaching it to your belt or pants pulsating your hip...
  14. rebonn

    Drumming Apps

    I use Pro Metronome with the Peterson Body Beat and Live BPM. When playing live I don't use the Body Beat, just the Pro Metronome for set lists and beginning tempo that shuts off after a couple measures along with Live BPM for monitoring tempo.
  15. rebonn

    Greg Bissonette

    I saw him at a drum clinic showing how he places his left foot on the hi hat and the bass slave pedal at the same time and then throwing in stuff with his right foot making it appear in front that he only has the feet on the hi hat and kick doing sophisticated things with one foot on the kick.
  16. rebonn

    Do you ever hate your own drumming?

    I'm my worse critic. It's not what I play or don't play, It's tempo. The last Halloween gig video I did notice an improvement after playing some time with Live BPM. Although the biggest problem I notice is playing slightly behind the beat on the snare at times. If I'm conscious of playing on top...
  17. rebonn

    Can't play "heel up" on Bass and Hi-Hat

    I guess some play heel up or down only and I use to play almost exclusively heel up but now it's a combination of both, even on the same song I'll switch back and fourth to what ever feels best at the time. I try to not bury the beater though as I wouldn't do that with sticks on a drum other...
  18. rebonn

    Just when you think.......

    I wish I hadn't waited so long to get a tune bot.
  19. rebonn

    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Haven't tried any Promarks lately but I quit using them after I noticed Regal sticks don't vibrate in your hands nearly as much.