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  1. Rattlin' Bones

    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Yes smaller spurs would be preferable. They are bit whimsical looking, aren't they.
  2. Rattlin' Bones

    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    OK I've been playing around with my new Wayfer kit this weekend: Color and finish are A+. It's a dark blue finish that looks very classy. It's not bright it's very understated and classy. Check out all the pics. Tuning is pretty easy on toms. I did go with a Remo Amb for floor tom batter. It...
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    Meytal Cohen? She plays, right?

    I'll keep my comments non-sexist and gender neutral. Does she play with a band and gig, or just record herself playing with pre-recorded songs? There's a big difference between grooving with a live band on-stage, staying in the pocket and knowing when to come out of pocket, fills, choosing right...
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    You know, aluminum shells can be as hit-or-miss as wood shells. Which I didn't think about until I bought a Sakae aluminum snare. At first I liked it, but side-by-side to an Acrolite it much different. Had a lot more ring and perhaps "character". Louder. Ideal for some people but wasn't what I...
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    Faded/yellowed finishes

    A lot of new wraps sorta imitate the aged yellow look. Ludwig has one called Aged Onyx. Awesome. I love those original aged wraps. But not so much the sparkle wraps. They don't look as good as aged WMP.
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Here's my new Wayfarer kit set up. I just received today. Not much time to fiddle yet. Basically assembled and did some rough tuning. Toms are sweet and musical. Hardware is A+. The tom rims are heavier than I expected - they do a great job of dampening the thin shells. Finish is beautiful - the...
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    I have a new INDe Wayfarer kit arriving today. I know it will be smaller and easier for me to handle - I just hope it sounds as good and looks as good as the Canopus.
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    Custom-order Canopus ash kit made for gigging. It was built for one of their Chicago-based artists. Sizes: 9x13 tom, 15x16 Floor, 10x18 kick. The kick is virgin no holes drilled. The original kick drum batter will be substituted for head in pics. $1,275 shipped CONUS. This kit is in fantastic...
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Yup I watched the Oriollo videos. Great videos. Until then I had no idea how them made seamless shells. A lot of the old Rogers and Slingerland metal shells ate riveted with seams btw.
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    A riveted shell is probably way less expensive. With a seamless shell you have to punch and shape the shell out of a single piece of metal with machines, which seems way more expensive.
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    Yes actually I bought one with 18x10 kick in INDe blue finish. I've been wanting a kit that easy to transport. I bought a beautiful Canopus Ash kit just a very short while ago with 18x10 kick. Took to practice once. Sounds great looks killer, but larger 16x15 floor tom isn't fo me. What ease of...
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    Two rides?

    I used a 20" ride ride and a very thin lite 16" ride with rivets that is also an excellent crash. I can ride the 16" and it has a very different sound than the 20". The whole point of having multiple cymbals for the music I play (jazz and blues) is to vary the sound of the cymbals. When I'm...
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    odery cafe kit

    The TAMA is junk. I had one. Tension rod lug splay and sounded bad. It's toy-like. Odery I am not sure about. Look at the Sonor AQ2 now there is an excellent kit that sounds fantastic and built to gig. INDe also has a new travel gig kit just announced for $999 check it out it may be best of all.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple

    I just sold a 3 piece Classic Maple on Reverb for $1,100 that was mint condition. 20x14 kick. Your kit is a lot bigger with that 24x18 kick so that will be harder to sell and a monster to ship. Shipping could cost you over $100 just for kick alone. If you sell locally you might get $1,300 for...
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    Worth watching (funny)

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    Ludwig Salmon Oyster

    FYI this thread is 2 years old. I've owned played and sold 5,347 snares since then lol.
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    My New Canopus Kit

    Thanks, Gish. I do a lot of buying/ selling kits: my wife has a rule if one comes in to the house one must exit the house lol. I'm always searching for just that right kit. My practice kit is a beautiful Premier made in England kit that I'll never sell. It stays safe and snug in the house. Yeah...
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    My New Canopus Kit

    I've been looking for a lighter kit to haul around to gigs (lighter than my Ludwig Classic Maple with 20x14 kick). And, I really wanted a shallow kick to help with some tight stage spaces. I also wanted something built in USA, or else Japan. I looked for vintage Tama Japan, Sakae, that sorta kit...
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    Another alternative for a drum riser...

    That's a lot more than I want to carry to a gig. I can set up same level as my band no problem. The less I carry the better lol