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    Any Graphic Design experts in the house?

    Do you know what kind of paint they used? I have a coated Ambassador head done in artist's oil paint that's lasted for decades. When I balked at the price, the artist told me it would last "forever". Seems like it might be true, so far. I guess all those painted heads in the collection are real...
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    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    The Beckers would know of course, unless maybe they want to put that video behind them - lol. Generally, the videos were shot before the album was released. I just figured Jason might have been able to do a scene in a video, versus a lengthy tour and all that.
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    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    David Lee kind of foretold his future in this video - look at this video starting around 3:50. There's a scene from "October 2021": I was stage manager for that video, for all the indoor scenes anyway (except the pawn shop). It only aired once or twice before mtv banned it. I never saw it...
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    How to get a snare sound like JD Beck in nord's video?

    I have a 4" x 14" maple snare that doesn't sound far off. He's got a leatherman or some other multi-tool laying on the snare batter. That drummer (JD Beck) is a guy... nothing on his site about gear.
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    Handle Needed for a Contura Case

    There's a vintage guitar case parts seller on eeb bay, but Old School's link looks like a winner. I've used parts from old luggage - it was handy at the time, and cheap.
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    From the same page GetAgrippa posted, take the pitch in hertz of the fundamental you want, and tune both heads to a frequency 1.75 times higher than the fundamental. (It should be between 1.6 and 1.9 X higher) Look where it says "maximum resonance" for equal pitched top and bottom heads...
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    help IDing a Gretsch kit

    No silver sealer... maple hoops and GTS mounts...maybe Catalina Elite ? grand prix (10 12 14 20) in smokey black
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    I like the wrap a lot. It will look better in normal light without a white background, like in a bar. You guys who think it looks like a food prep surface could think of it as the butcher-block of the 21st century. The wrap reminds me of strobe tuners. Maybe if you spin these drums really...
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    A & F drums!!!

    Elton John's drummer (Aaron Redfield) played A&F drums at the Oscars tonight:
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    $21 in the 1955 catalog, up to $22 in the mid-1960's.
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    Tama mini snares,

    Tama used to make the STS105M etc. mini tymp snares (10x5, 8x5, and 6x5) that were two inches deeper, and chrome. It seemed like EU distributors had them but not USA.
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    Transporting Drum Gear

    For stands, I use a sturdy bucket (5 gallon paint or drywall mud, pickles, etc.), with optional army surplus duffel bag for inclement weather. So far I have always had a vehicle that allows this to be set upright with the seatbelt (or another strap) looped around it
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Be ready. Know the material you're performing as best as you can.
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    The last music store I went to told me, "people buy that stuff on the internet". I figured I'd give the local store a shot, but they've been reduced to stocking only the barest minimum of supplies, and stay afloat with a busy lesson schedule. They have strings, straps, cords, reeds, valve oil...
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    Glockenspiel "damper"?

    Kolberg glocks have a damper system
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    Cymbal Stand Help

    I think Alan Rieder has also solved the mystery:
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    Cut down the height of a Gator Protechtor Series Classic Tom Case

    Make sure the lid will clear the handle if you cut it - it looks close in the picture. I guess you could trim that part of the lid, too.
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    Cymbal Stand Help

    It's too thick for a hi hat rod... What does the other end look like? It might be for cowbells or other percussion gadgets.
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    How to Date Zildjian A 20" Medium Ride Brilliant Finish

    Maybe this will help (copied from the reverb Zildjian dating article): Laser engraving Beginning in 1994, Zildjian introduced a laser-engraved serial number on the bottom of the stamp for easy identification. The two letters at the beginning of the numerical sequence distinguish the year. The...
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    What makes this sound?

    I thought the same as drumnut, microphone distortion.