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  1. CommanderRoss

    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    This is one of the few forums I spend a lot of time on. Rarely have I crossed streams with another poster to the extent I have to complain. I've learned never to argue on social media. Ever. It just doesn't go anywhere and solves nothing. If I get a poster who's always giving me their resume or...
  2. CommanderRoss

    Large Bass Drums

    I've settled with a Gretsch 22 (diameter) by 20 (deep) "cannon kick". Moves a lot of air & gives me the best of both boom & punch worlds I could ask for. I'd still love a 24x18 just to see what that does.
  3. CommanderRoss

    Annoyed by how people treat gear at music stores.

    If GC had an actual drum guy on staff, maybe this wouldn't happen. 99% of the times I go in there, there's no one in that room. No wonder things get messed up.
  4. CommanderRoss

    Meytal Cohen? She plays, right?

    No. I followed her for a while & found her YouTube stuff not much better than any other drummer filming themselves playing. Anika Nilles started out this way, but her composing & band inclusion sets her apart. Meytal is talented for sure, but I found it "ho-hum" after a year or so.
  5. CommanderRoss

    my happy place

    Hellyeah!! Looks very familiar and like you, I can bash away my issues to make a bad day a lot better. 🤘 🤘 :cool:
  6. CommanderRoss

    Drum size thoughts

    I'm a fan of these bigger sizes. My 14 rack, 16 & 18 floors with a 22x20 kick gives me all the boom and thunder I want, as well as quiet tonality by using different beaters & "rod" sticks. I feel it's always how the player plays the kit over having different kits for different needs that...
  7. CommanderRoss

    Bigger Kits

    Depends on the definition of "big kit". I have a 5 piece (1-up/2-down) that have big tom sizes (diameter first: 14x12 rack, 16x16 & 18x18 floor, 22x20 kick). I'm still a fan of the "power tom" sizes and will admit this set up makes me a tuning and damping master. As well as knowing what beaters...
  8. CommanderRoss

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I'd record your rehearsal. The when you play it back, maybe then they'll hear the issues. If they don't, bail! You can play at home with just as much success as they'll have with the issues.
  9. CommanderRoss

    Drum hoodie?

    Link comes up as a "404 message".
  10. CommanderRoss

    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    This! I have 2 small, independent shops here in town, but their drum section is small as they have to offer everything else. Sure, they can order it, but so can I and it's shipped free. I will go to these places first though & if they have what I want, I'll buy from them. Sticks are huge for me...
  11. CommanderRoss

    Cymbals choices for Houses of Worship.

    Dang... :ROFLMAO:
  12. CommanderRoss

    Cymbals choices for Houses of Worship.

    Can I use Demon Drive pedals?:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  13. CommanderRoss

    From Paiste,

    Love them! Throw in a 22" Masters Series swish and I'm game!!
  14. CommanderRoss

    Pingy Rides vs. Washy Rides

    My Sabian 21" AA Dry Ride has been the One Ride for me. Bought it in 1986 and it's just perfect. I have a 22" Zildjian K Custom Complex Dry Ride that I got in a trade and I don't use much. It just doesn't sound good and I'm looking to trade it for something else.
  15. CommanderRoss

    Your Favorite Self Concocted Stack

    Small size for me. Meinl 10" china with an 8" Paiste Wild Splash inside. Wing nut in the middle for quick sloshy/tight sound adjustment.
  16. CommanderRoss

    New Ludwig Speed King

    I love mine as it folds up for travel. Easy to do maintenance on and has lasted me a long time. Mine will squeak if I play standing up (like I do for my Rockabilly gigs), not so much sitting down. Foot position maybe? Either way, it's good to see it make a return.
  17. CommanderRoss

    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    I have a parts bag that has an "emergency kit" of the usual felts/wingnuts/tools and antacids. My stick bag is chocked full of my dowels & other needs. Beyond that, not much else.
  18. CommanderRoss

    Another alternative for a drum riser...

    I've played on a few of these portables at festivals where they had a backline set up. Bermuda is spot on about how untrustworthy I felt about it while playing on one of them. Like how Neil Peart's drums and cymbals move a lot as there are no legs on his stands, the "riser" would wobble like...
  19. CommanderRoss

    Bass drum experience with a 24x16"

    Unless you have some good damping, anything over 14" depth is WAY too boomy. Thomas Lang uses a 24x18 & it's just pure thunder unless he pillows it & does some good tuning. I have a 22x20 (deep) "cannon kick" and the amount of air it moves is unreal. I can't imagine what a kick of that size will do.