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  1. Nilsdrums

    Zildjian A custom Z-Mac ride

    Hi! I am buying an A Custom 20" Z-mac ride which I have never heard of before. Anybody got any experiences with it? Is it any good for Metal? The bell and bow seem very cutting and good. I can barely find any info about it anywhere, very strange( I do know that the seller is legit though and he...
  2. Nilsdrums

    Paiste signature bright ride equivalent

    Hi! I have played a lot on a 20" Paiste signature bright ride at a studio and I love it! But I can't find it anywhere. Only signature full ride and some others, what current ride(s) would you consider similar to the bright ride that is available today?
  3. Nilsdrums

    Best mid-range kit?

    Hi! Just curious to see what all of you think is the best mid-range kit(Around 1-1,5k dollars). Im talking about your personal favourites and not what is objectively the best set as it's all individual. I have played a lot on a Tama Silverstar, Yamaha Live and PDP Concept Maple and I think the...
  4. Nilsdrums

    Mounting Cobra coil on a older Iron cobra

    Hi! I recently bought an Iron Cobra Hp900 Powerglide from the second generation(I think it is from 2010/11). To get the pedal smoother I want to mount a cobra coil on it. Is this easy to do on an older IC? It does seem to have a hole in the bottom that seems to fit a cobra coil. Also, I haven't...
  5. Nilsdrums

    Drum placements on stage

    Hi! I have been wondering this for quite a while, why do some bands make the drummer sit so far back on the stage? There are bands that put the drummer more forward closer to the audience(And some even at the front but thats very rare) but some seem to place the drums as far back as possible...
  6. Nilsdrums

    Taylor Hawkins ride cymbal?

    Hi! I've been listening some to the album "One By One" by Foo Fighters. On the track "All my life" it seems like he crashes pretty good on the ride and I have heard that he used to use the 21" A Sweet ride(In traditional finish?) but is that the ride he used on this album as well? I really...
  7. Nilsdrums

    Opinions on Tama 22" Powerpad Cymbal bag?

    Hi! I'm on the hunt for a new cymbal bag for my precious cymbals. I looked at a Zildjian bag but it was a little too expensive but the 22" Tama Powepad bag(PBC22), however, had a much more reasonable price. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it good quality of material that protects the...
  8. Nilsdrums

    Difference between cymbals of the same model

    Hi! This might be a stupid question but how much can individual cymbals from the exact same model/brand differ from each other in the feel of playing? I have fallen in love with a pair of regular Zildjian A custom 14" hi-hats(A couple of years old i would guess) at my music high school. I...
  9. Nilsdrums

    Cymbal temperature changes

    Hi! I've heard that it's not good with sudden temperature change for cymbals or to play cold cymbals. I keep my cymbals in a cymbal bag in regular room temperature at home but during winter it's usually cold when I transport them in the car or walk with them. It's usually a 10-15 min car ride...