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    Gotta love ebay!

    So I just picked up a Gibraltar 3 sided curved rack, 12 multi clamps,24 memory locks, 6 pipe clamps and an xhat for $300....... like i said.... gotta love ebay
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    Gibraltar Rack Clamp Alternative

    Hey guys... Just wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to the Gibraltar Rack clamps? Would love to add more stuff to the rack but just cant afford them. Also... What are the clamps that hold the T leg to the cross bar?
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    Tama Imperialstar Addons?

    Hey guys Im looking for a 10" rack tom to add to my Imperialstar kit except ive run into a problem... I cant find any... Anyone know where I might pick one up or find one comparable?
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    Integrating my feet...

    Hey guys, Having a tough time with integrating my feet into my fills using double bass... is there a book or quick lesson i could take a look at to help me out or does anyone have some tips?
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    Tom tuning problem

    Hey guys When I was in school, I used the school's drumset for quite a few different things from choir to jazz band. This set had one of the most amazing sounds that ive ever heard in my life. It was a pearl set with Protone heads on it and the under-head muffling system that used a plastic...