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  1. MaT

    DM10 Bass Drum Sensor Problem

    Hi everyone! I've been playing the Alesis DM10 for a couple of months now, great kit so far but, yesterday while jamming with a friend, bass drum stopped working somehow... Checked the cables, tried hitting harder, and finally decided to troubleshoot a bit. I went ahead and started checking...
  2. MaT

    Setting up triggers

    Hello fellas Lately I've been thinkin' about setting up triggers on my drums so I can play with headphones, got some trouble with the neighbors... But, to be honest, I don't know where to start. Can somebody tell me or refer me to a site where I can find how to set everything up? Thanks
  3. MaT

    Practicing Bass with no pedals, does it really works?

    Practicing Bass with no pedals, does it really work? Hello! I've been doing some research about practicing with no pedals, you know, just hitting the floor. Now, for what I found, if you are hitting the floor plain and simple, you're not working out the muscles that actually are needed to...
  4. MaT

    Drumset vibration?

    Hello all! To make a long story short: I can't practice double bass at home! I live in an apartment and, obviously, I can't play my drums because of the noise. Then, I bought a practice kit and a new problem arose, even though the noise was little, the vibration of the kit made the neighbors...