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  1. Hercraft

    Tres Pajaritos (from Argentina) - Fermin (Luis Alberto Spinetta) Cover

    Hi! First time I post some vid! Hope you enjoy it! Its my trio "Tres Pajaritos" thats spanish for "Three Little Birds" de Bob Marley Song. Its not Reggae!! lol!
  2. Hercraft

    Superstition (S.Wonder) With a Thrum Department Lick

    Hi Guys. Here is a video of me playing along Superstition from Stevie Wonder. The Audio track doesnt have the drums, so you can here what I play and not the 2 drums. I was testing a "The Drum Department" lick very interesting. So, here is me playing (the lick is at 2:20)...
  3. Hercraft

    The UnReel Drum Book Advices

    Hi guys! I was wondering if any of you had worked with The UnReel Drum Book Going through the Rythm scale and checking the Vinni's solos and phraseing. Have you?
  4. Hercraft

    Snare Model and Tunning for R&B

    Hi ! Any insight on model, tunning and some kind of advice in R&B music? I love this sound: Thanks!
  5. Hercraft

    TEchnique an accentuation in "gospel" drummers

    Its really amazing. I just cant figure it out. I think there ar a lot of 32nds accented and grouped in 6, 4, permutation, diferent stickings over a continuous roll.... Damn, they are amazing :- ) Any insights?
  6. Hercraft

    You MUST check the technique of this guy!

    The Turkish Weckl!! Amazing
  7. Hercraft

    Can you play in a gig or with a band all you can play while studying?

    I was wondering why I can play lot of stuff in time and ok when Im alone studying and when I play with my band y reharsals or live I am kind of limited there. Any insights advices? btw: sorry my english :- )
  8. Hercraft

    Me Playing some groove and fills

    Some test of audio / video, it's not perfectly in sync... but... Thanks for watching. Im studying 6 stroke rolls grouped in 4 and combining with feet. I also love the Tony Williams triplets. Im learning... so dont expect something amazing :- ) Greetings from Argentina!!! The You Tube Link...
  9. Hercraft

    Cool Lick - Someone knows what it is?

    Hi, I was watching some cool drumers playing along the Dave Weckl playalongs and came across with this guy Very good drummer: At 1:13 he plays some cool linear phrasings, in my PC monitors the audio is very poor, There are 32nds: 2 foot + RLRLRL ? And the same is played at the outro? The...
  10. Hercraft

    Paradiddle Routine

    Well, If we have: Rlrr Lrll - Single Paradiddle rrLr llRl - Reverse Paradiddle rllR lrrL - Inward Paradiddle rLrl lRlr - Outward Paradiddle Have you guys have a paradiddle routine that incorpores all the permutations?
  11. Hercraft

    Single Stroke Roll - Burn / Pain / Time

    Hi! Im in the process to build a consistence technique routine, I have another thread to find out some adivces. The purpose of this thread is restricted to the single stroke roll. I have some fundamental questions: I start my practice routine with singles. I set a metro in 90 bpm and play 16th...
  12. Hercraft

    Your Aproach to a consistent Practice Rutine

    Hi, sorry my english in advance. I was wondering if I can take some serious advice on how to build a consistent practice rutine. I have 2 hours for daily dedication to drums. Ive played drums for 10 years but now I have the time to fully dedicate to this instrument, so I teach and reharse with...
  13. Hercraft

    Muscle Memory VS Progresive Work? (Estadistic thread)

    Hi, first of all, sorry my terrible english. Im from Argentina, play drums for 10 years now. Recently I came across to fully dedicate my life to drums. I teach and play. Im in the process to stablish a 3 hour practise rutine. I hace read a lot of threads that talks about muscle memory AND a lot...